March 27 2018

A Prototype Art Review of Work Obtained from Relics by Rild


Having been here since day #1, I can only say it has been a wild ride so far, and I’m glad it’s technically just starting!!

Hello Players!

If you’ve been saying to yourselves lately, that Stile guy has become worthless.. Well.. I.. Um, Yeah, let’s just leave it at “busy” and not even try to go beyond that explanation!

I’m here though, so pony up the Bribes for your GM and let’s roll initiative! Pass me a Mountain dew, some Cheeto’s and pull out your enchanted daggers and magic Missles!

This session at the table is going to be quick as I need some sleep. I DO have a big Keeping up with SotA piece coming, and should have it out in the next day or two. I hope. It was originally going to be part of this one *green*

Rolling a critical today is Relics by Rild! Taking some serious notes over the past few years on the importance of releases, Rild decided to boost support for the game by launching an entirely new line of Canvas Prints ON GAME LAUNCH DAY!

Those cool paintings in-game? GET THEM FOR REALS! No dart trap’s, no Mimic’s, just fantastic objects of art! Not only that, Whether you want normal Human size or Colossal Red Dragon sized, you can get it!

Now I will admit I fudged a roll behind the screen back here, and the Featured image of this posts show’s one of these below a sword, making it look REALLY big!

Well, It might have done better at doing so, If I was a better photographer in terms of experience with trying to pull that off. It was a ruse though, as I just used a sword letter opener.

The one you’re seeing here in the photos is a prototype that some Rogue went in and slipped out of this massive pile of stuff Rild sleeps on, and burgled it out some back passageway, past this annoying bird that just kept pecking away. Until I eventually acquired it and now get to review it for you!

So I did what all folks do when acquiring a new item, and rolled my appraisal skill. I was highly impressed with the quality of the frame. The wood is clean, not rotting, no splinters. Corners meet well, plenty of staples to keep the Vinyl in place yet fully sunk at the same time! It’s not Masterwork, nor would one expect such for a hidden frame, but frankly, in my opinion, it’s better then it needs to be!

In fact, I contacted Rild and asked him if he was crafting in the shop and had leveled up his carpentry skills recently. We talked, it was a good time.

To create an entire scroll rack out of a simple appraisal roll, Id also add that I really like the small one’s as you could do up an entire wall with all the different ones! Then you could do your ceilings in the big ones!!

Lot’s of other cool things in the store including some sales that have Dwarven smiths running for their gem Caches!

Relics by Rild – Shroud of the Avatar Merchandise

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February 15 2018

*SQUEALS LIKE A GIRL* Coins from Relics by Rild and Frank Baxley!

(Note: Sorry for images not looking correct at the moment, or being able to be pulled up to look at in large size. Currently working on fixing lightbox, gallery issues with the site, but before I can do so, there are other bugs I am having my host work out from the new migration first. Thanks for patience and photos should be back up and pretty before long).

OMG, OMG, OMG! It was so awesome opening a box today from Relics by Rild!

Frank Baxley recently designed two new coins for Shroud of the Avatar, which is now for purchase in the Relics from Rild store.

So, this was a hard purchase for me. I became unemployed in 2017 and I have decided to stay that way as an entrepreneur who has yet and probably will not for a few years, makes enough to be qualified as “self-employed”. As you can imagine part of this decision includes a self-sacrifice in that there is very very little I purchase that does not serve a need of some kind. Usually most of my purchases these days are investments for my business in some way.

So when not one but TWO new coins went into the store at the same time, some tough decisions had to be made! I mean, I’ve been wanting one of the SotA Title Art Woodcut Hoodie’s for ages now as it is!

Ultimately there was never any question! No way I am not getting my hands on any coins made by Frank Baxley that I had an opportunity for, and do not already own. I’ll share my collection below.

Very happy I decided to work these into the budget. They are both beautiful, but clearly, the Blade of the Avatar coin is a new level of coin making from Frank. This particular coin is larger than any others he has made (that I own at least), and to me personally, is just the most creative, artistic, best-looking one he has done.

Great job Frank!!!

My Shroud of the Avatar and Related Coins:
Not all of these coins are made by Frank, but most of them are.

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March 20 2016

Ultima Auction Spotlight – Several ~ Relics From Rild Needs Your Vote for Swag

If you are a fan of Ultima Online, this is one of the best pieces for your collection. Current high bid is $75.00 with free shipping. I wouldn’t personally go much higher then that although it can be hard to land it in that area, it is not impossible.

RARE Ultima Online Charter Edition Big Box w/ UO Second Age – Upgrade Edition

Complete Ultima 7 Box

If you are looking for a Complete Ultima 7 this is resonable. $9.99 and low shipping. Be sure to verify it is complete.

The Complete Ultima VII 7 CD ROM classics

Alternatively you could go all out and get a sealed copy for $50.00 with free shipping!

Brand New The Complete Ultima VII 7 IBM PC Sealed Origin

A Caverns of Callisto / Ultima III advertisement has been marked down. You can grab it for around $10.00 with shipping.

1983 Caverns of Callisto & Exodus Ultima III Origin Systems computer game vi

Ultima 3 Cloth Map

I am not saure which game this Ultima III paper map is from. I believe maybe it came from one of the multi-packs, most likely the 1-2-3. While I am not certain if it’s one of the pieces you are missing or if you are a map collector $4.99 is a sweet deal.

Ultima III card stock map

Relics from Rild is looking at doing some new swag and he is taking your vote! Personally I am very torn by some of these options. I would like to see both something that I could order and that has no need to be painted as well as pieces that could use a good paint job. I am a 20-30 year miniature painter but have not done any in quite some time.

Nothing has inspired me and a SotA piece definitely would.

On the other hand the collector in me could require me to buy 2. One to paint and one to leave original. Costly!

Go vote and tell Rild, Stile sent you!

October 2 2015

Few things you may want to know about

Advertisements for the R22 decoration contest are taking place over in the forums! Sign up, decorate, and put your name in the archives of history as being the winner!

Your entrie should be something creepy for Halloween.
Decorate your homes and basements for Halloween or create a creepy scene.

Go read it here:

From 10/2/15-10/6/15 – You can get the first Gina Hardwood book, written by our communities own Indi Martin, free on Kindle from Amazon!! It’s a great read, so jump on that!

Relics by Rild launched a new website experience! You may want to check that out and grab some coins for Halloween give-a-ways!

One of the major reasons I put together a new site was to provide customers with a better shopping and service experience. The new site should be easier to navigate…

Go see it all here!


Don’t forget, for all your Halloween needs The Caverns Store has you covered! Whether you need make-up, shrunken heads, prosthetics, clothing, or even some cool weaponry that is safe to hit people with, we have it!

Use this code to get 10% off your order until the End of October, at The Caverns Store “SOTAUDIC10%” located at – Yes! We accept Paypal so that you know your transactions are safe as is your private information!

(Please note that The Caverns Store has no affiliation, association, or is any other way connected to Shroud of the Avatar. Portalarium, or it’s affiliates).

July 29 2015

Tortoise and Hare Shot Glass at Relics by Rild!

So this is pretty cool, in fact I am getting an order in for one of these as soon as I finish this post!

Head over to buy one!

Tortiose and Hare Shotglass

In fact when it arrives, it shall be put with my magical potions next to Rustic Dragons shot glass. It in turn shall be reserved for the use of Indi and William if they should happen to visit in the future! HUZZAH! Nice shot glass, I REALLY like it!

Both Glasses with Bottle Display

Ill do a follow up post at some unknown time in the future with a pic of the shot glass in it’s proper place! Call this my cliffhanger…

May 22 2015

Relics by Rild – New Items, new reviews!

If you missed it Relics by Rild has put in some new offical swag recently.

Specifically patches, a new Pint Glass, and a new coin from Sir Frank!

My latest order arrived yesterday and I can speak highly of all of these items. I like the “style” of the Lord British glass better then just the plain logo glass, as far as having the wider rim mouth. The glass itself is definitely thicker which also account for the slightly higher price as well as the full color graphic. Bottom line is that you should be happy with these! I could see a dishwasher doing a lot of damage to that graphic though, so handwashing!

I actually just ordered a couple of more of the Signature glasses as my entire set was destoryed due to a household incident in which about 20 of our drinking glass where broke leaving us with.. 2.. so sadly, if you keeping count of how many of the first production run of glasses there are, before it is revised (I.e. rares..) there are now 3 less in the world. So better get yours ordered!

LOVE the patches. Very well detailed, simply, and can get them in either sew-on or iron-on. Very cool! The lazy in me likes the iron-on, but the collector in me likes the durability and looks of a sew-on.

The coin.. WOW! Frank went all out in designing this one. Its sharp! By far the heaviest coin and most detailed ive seen yet. It is definitely not flat but the graphics raise and protude in all kinds of places for what ends up being a very solid piece of metal with some real weight in your hand.. I would not want someone to throw one of these at me!

Well worth it and I have yet to be disapointed by Relics from Rild. So be sure to order a couple of items for your collection!

April 23 2015

Ok, so you Got Milk or what not but what are you going to drink it in?!?

Relics by Rild has the answer to that. What you need is some Shroud of the Avatar Glassware!

Shroud of the avatar Glass

SotA Logo Pint Glass — Relics by Rild.

Don’t forget the shot glass as well, although I am going to talk more about the pint glass!

Now the timing on these was pertty cool for me. I was recently setting up my kitchen to make it fast an easy to drink waters with flavor additives (I.e. Cool Aid, Tang, Mio, etc). A glass at a time… So I ordered up a handful of these babies and.. have been using nothing else for a couple of weeks!

I am choosing to hand wash mine for better care and to keep them in shape, however to do a proper review I did run one through the dishwasher. No issues at all! Came out as sparkly nice as when it was new.

Now I don’t know where Rild is at on the “numbers” of things, but these are from his first run and while completely cool, hes making some revisions before ordering the more final second run. So rares people!

He also is going to be releasing a Colored version and was nice enough to allow me to do a review on it and share it with you. So keep an eye on it coming from the store.. It has a full picture of Lord British on it and you will be able to tell Richard next time you see him “Hey, I drank from you!”… Ill leave the conversation in which the two of you discuss the context between the two of you 🙂

So below are a few images of the glasses in my collection. I am keeping one of each “unused” with my U6 and U7 potion bottles. The rest are on the kitchen fridge ready to be grabbed and used! Ill be ordering at least a few more as he adds more versions, personally.

Word is, we have a new coin coming also! Frank Baxley on Twitter: "For my few twitter followers and @RichardGarriott . Waiting to breathe life into the Golden Oracle.".

Have Shroud related things you are selling and want me to do a review and pass along the word? Contact me!