March 5 2016

Tortoise & Hare bringing the Supernatural On

Many of you know I often talk about Tortoise & Hare as being members of the Shroud of The Avatar Community. They are also the creator of the Shroud of the Avatar Comic Book. You can pick up a copy of that on their sites which I will link in a bit or also from Relics by Rild.

I’ve also spoken in the past of what a great fan of Indi Martin’s books I am.

Finally and I am going to be missing things on this list, they make games, comics, graphic novel’s, artwork, and more.

This particular article is because I just finished putting up my Supernatural’s from their Supernatural set. Or rather my wife’s!

So the story on the images you are seeing was not really planned this way. It started out a small Halloween Village – just because. Later Indi Martin’s first Supernatural piece ended up on the wall.. the others followed over time, and a Haunted village became a Supernatural shrine of some kind. There are even a couple die cast Impalas in that village although you will forgive me for not taking close-ups!

Find a cool way to bring some of the art of Indi Martin into your home! If I had the money, time, and room, I’d do something awesome with Doctor Who!!!

Visit them on Facebook (and tell them the Caverns sent you!), stop by their Website/Blog, or just skip to the chase and get onto their Etsy and start ordering your cool decor!

I should also clarify, all of these are my wife’s bought for her as gifts. The last two just added are Charlie and Crowley. I bought them for her for Christmas.

The cheapest I have found a decent 11×17 frame off of Amazon in case you’re running off to buy a bunch of art and want frames!

The supernatural wooden light box that is hanging on the far right was purchased from The Dragons Den (I think that is the name), in Austin Texas while I was there staying with an amazing host who took me to the place.

February 5 2016

THC Valentines sale

Tortoise and Hare is having a 25% off Valentines sale on their Etsy store! So this is a great time to not only pick up that Shroud of the Avatar comic book you have been wanting, but you can also do your valentine’s shopping at the same time. Combine shipping also!

I have purchased from THC for Valentines, Birthdays, Anniversaries, and Christmas. My wife has never been unhappy!

Valentine's Day! 25% off everything, including our new Supernatural postcard sets! Don't miss this sale! Click here to shop: and use code LOVE16

Posted by Tortoise & Hare Creations on Friday, February 5, 2016

I watched the new Terminator movie last night. It may be because I had low expectations but I walked away fairly happy with it. No it wasn’t the most epic movie I have ever seen or anything. However when I heard a little about the premise of the movie I was very disappointed as I do not like that type of plot line.

Ultimately though they did a very good job of spinning it, Old Arnold stepped up to the plate in some fun ways, and they left ended it in a way that left me happy. Great way to tie up the series.. now if they just.. leave.. it.. alone!!

October 2 2015

Few things you may want to know about

Advertisements for the R22 decoration contest are taking place over in the forums! Sign up, decorate, and put your name in the archives of history as being the winner!

Your entrie should be something creepy for Halloween.
Decorate your homes and basements for Halloween or create a creepy scene.

Go read it here:

From 10/2/15-10/6/15 – You can get the first Gina Hardwood book, written by our communities own Indi Martin, free on Kindle from Amazon!! It’s a great read, so jump on that!

Relics by Rild launched a new website experience! You may want to check that out and grab some coins for Halloween give-a-ways!

One of the major reasons I put together a new site was to provide customers with a better shopping and service experience. The new site should be easier to navigate…

Go see it all here!


Don’t forget, for all your Halloween needs The Caverns Store has you covered! Whether you need make-up, shrunken heads, prosthetics, clothing, or even some cool weaponry that is safe to hit people with, we have it!

Use this code to get 10% off your order until the End of October, at The Caverns Store “SOTAUDIC10%” located at – Yes! We accept Paypal so that you know your transactions are safe as is your private information!

(Please note that The Caverns Store has no affiliation, association, or is any other way connected to Shroud of the Avatar. Portalarium, or it’s affiliates).

September 22 2015

A Blog full of news pieces

I am doing this as a summary piece on some things you may want to know about or take a look at!

This first piece is over at observer titled “Richard Garriott’s ‘Shroud of the Avatar’ Puts Storylines in a Sandbox Videogame”. So if story is one of your focus’s in the game be sure to check out the piece.

We spoke to Mr. Garriott via phone, to discuss how a land exploration sandbox with a narrative built in can work in an open world where every player shares one global history.

Here’s the path to the whole piece:

Tortoise and Hare is now offering Stock art to their Paetrons, which you can use both professionally and for your hobbies. The creative ways in which they continue to find ways to market themselves and branch into similar markets using the skills they have never ceases to impress!

Tortoise & Hare Creations will be showing some hometown love this weekend during Hagerstown's Fall Fest in the beautiful…

Posted by Tortoise & Hare Creations on Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I certainly will try to put some of this great stock art to use in my pen and paper games!

Treasure Chest 7

I am holding a fundraiser to increase the size of Neath, the Player Owned Town, for The Caverns Guild. Great bunch of people and we are getting close to the next town size!

As part of that fund raiser, I am giving away prize packages to donors! Please head over to the Guild website if you want to read the details as well as see some of the prize packages that have went out!

Hot off the presses, this one just came out by MMORPG and its focus is R22.

This month, we’re going to take a look at some of the new content in this month’s release. I also had a few conversation with some of the developers and picked Starr Long’s brain about what we can expect from them over the next several months.

Head over and read the whole thing!

That’s all for this blog, as I need to head out and I find that If I save them for the next day to add to, I often forget to publish!!

Looking for a way to remote into one of your computers from virtually any computer? LogMeIn unfortunately went pro recently and they only offer paid membership now. Need one? This will get you 33% off.

Ankh Quill

July 29 2015

Tortoise and Hare Shot Glass at Relics by Rild!

So this is pretty cool, in fact I am getting an order in for one of these as soon as I finish this post!

Head over to buy one!

Tortiose and Hare Shotglass

In fact when it arrives, it shall be put with my magical potions next to Rustic Dragons shot glass. It in turn shall be reserved for the use of Indi and William if they should happen to visit in the future! HUZZAH! Nice shot glass, I REALLY like it!

Both Glasses with Bottle Display

Ill do a follow up post at some unknown time in the future with a pic of the shot glass in it’s proper place! Call this my cliffhanger…

June 26 2015

Its almost the weekend , R19 happens, and other coolness

Id be very surprised if anyone that reads my stuff is not aware that R19 takes place today. Be sure to go re-train! I heard from one of my guild mates that the skills are being wiped. You do not loose the points, but you need to train again!

Of course, you will also want to grab the R19 instructions:

Even though ill continue to keep you updated with new things as I can, there’s also some stuff I still haven’t shared and im sure you think I am slacking, so here you go!

Ok, so heres an MMORPG article I think you will want to read. Why? It’s one of Red Thomas’s pieces and they rock!

This month’s release of Shroud of the Avatar, much like the last, has a significant focus on combat. The team has been hard at work updating several areas of that core component of gameplay, but they haven’t done it alone. According to Shroud of the Avatar‘s Technical Director, Chris Spears, the team has invited several members of the community to special scrum and play sessions as the developers work to dial in the combat system.

Go read the whole article!

Want to hire some custom art from Tortoise and Hare? They got you covered! Indi Martin set up a site to take orders, limit them to a certain amount, show where your at in line and all the kind of stuff.. and rates! As someone that’s purchased one I highly recommend it!

Check out the Deviant art site to see completed work!

This may be a bit short notice for many of you, but hopefully someone sees this that can make it! This was posted by Winifield over in the Shroud forums. I can state that the Baron’s men are fantastic!

Planning a casual Austin Gathering for …

Classic Game Fest 2015
The Baron’s Men Play

Saturday, July 25, 2015

… and continue through Sunday, July 26 as desired!

There is a coincidence in the stars (or at least some dates)
that offer a very casual and no-host type of gathering for a day or weekend.

Interested people can come together at the Fest, have a casual dinner,
attend the Baron’s Men play, and do more!

Richard Garriott and Starr Long will be at the Classic Game Fest 2015
(also see SotA Upcoming Events Link)

Go see ALL the details and his full post:

You may need some help on your hat quests, and I just saw this floating around!

Now if your a Shroud of the Avatar Lord of the Manor and want to hide gps tracking in your framed Alkalabeth (or hey, your like me and you want it on your dogs and keys.. but that’s just not very realistic for a GPS).. Theres finally an option for that! Check these out! (yes this is off topic, but seriously.. i wish I had bought these sooner. My wife lost her keys a few days ago! and if it saves my pets life? for 15.00? ok… id regret not doing it and passing this along for the same reason, to my fellow geeks and pet lovers).

June 17 2015

Supporting one of our own – Indi Martin and a fantastic read!

Indi Martin, who is the official creator of the Shroud of the Avatar Comic book has recently released her third novel (not related to SotA!). Now I can state with the honest truth that I have read all of her books, including this one, and your in for a good time.

The first one is enjoyable, although it starts off a bit slow for setup reasons like any good series.. so stick with it if it doesn’t start sucking you in right away. It will in time!

The second one, just as enjoyable, but you could also see the skills in Indi as a writer growing.

The third one she nails a grand slam! I could literally feel all the things that she has learned from writing the first two coming together for her in this book and to see how much she has grown as an author blew me away!

I cant wait to see what she rolls out next, but be sure to check these out in the mean time!

Indi also has a lot of great artwork, comics (as I hope you know!), graphic novels and much more. As a great example you Game of Throne fans might like this!

Lots of great stuff! If you prefer to order directly from their Etsy site, over Amazon they just added the third book!