August 14 2017

Shroud of the Avatar AND It’s Players, Communities, and Developers in the News

This is one of my summary pieces, in which I point you out to various things that may be note worthy if you missed it over the last month or so!

Ultima fans, as well as Shroud of the Avatar fans, will definitely want to check out this article! I found it a thoroughly enjoyable read.
Learning morality through gaming | Life and style | The Guardian

If you play Shroud of the Avatar, there is an upcoming Crafting event you may want to take a look at.
BMC Crafting Fair – August 19, 2017 – Black Rock Cove – Garrison Road Bazaar | Shroud of the Avatar Forum

Not currently a player? Give it a try for free!!
Free Trial to Run From August 9- 30th – Shroud of the Avatar –

Other things of note:

Shroud Of The Avatar Team Talks Forests And Post-Episode Content | MMOExaminer

CoinReport NEVERDIE announces details for interoperable Teleport Token – CoinReport

Shroud Of The Avatar Update Highlights New City Polish and Armor | MMOExaminer

Take a break from all those articles and reading, and listen to something new from one of our community members, Dan Span!

Go Back to reading now…

BioWare Montreal Closes: Will EA kill this brand like it has these? Part 1: Origin and Westwood

Travian Games to publish Richard Garriott's Shroud of the Avatar |

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July 27 2017

Shroud of the Avatar Facebook Group Surpasses 1000 Members!

On March 8th, 2013 Portlarium and Richard Garriott kickstarted a game called Shroud of the Avatar.

On March 14th, 2013 I thought to myself “I should create a Facebook group to go along with my blog, and as a way to meet people while we wait for this game!!”

On July 26th, 2017 We hit 1000 members in that group!!!

So I wanted to take this occasion to say a few words about the group, and why I am proud of being involved in this.

It’s not because I created the group. That was a lucky accident of timing, and the group and its success is a contribution of many, including Portalarium helping out. I don’t even have to do a lot these days. A while back, I think it was around 500 or 600 members, I got what I felt like was a gentle nudge from someone at Portalarium that said: “you really gotta stay on top of this, did you see this concern?”. I read that as “I need some help because I can’t be here all the time”. So I choose some people I knew well that I felt would be fair administrators.

They deserve one hell of a round of applause, let me tell you!!!

I had no idea exactly HOW well I was choosing at the time. These nine individuals admin this group so well, that I can’t even help! I would literally have to sit at my computer with my finger hovering over the group just to accept a new member. I am not exaggerating in this, they have handled any concerns this group has had, more quickly than I could 99.5% of the time. I feel like I am worthless as an admin as they react so quickly and so well, I can’t help!

Additionally, I have never heard of or received any complaints about any of the administers, of ANY kind. For that matter, I have never had a complaint in this group that I can recall at the moment, from one member about another, of any kind.. Woaaaahhh!!!

If that’s not enough? In those four years, I have seen less drama, disputes, serious disagreements, or any other concerns that even need an admin then I have in smaller groups, in any given month. The maturity level, the level of comradeship, and willingness to help each other out is amazing!

Everyone has a large focus on the positive, and most conversations that have a negative tint tend to be a civil discussion that doesn’t over do it, but rather discuss it enough and then let it go, agreeing and disagreeing where appropriate in a polite way, and then moving in.

I would be proud to be in a group like this, anywhere for any type of interest in a social setting.

Please jump on in some time if you haven’t, the water is warm, and while we occasionally have small squabbles, for the most part, we all play together very well!

I would like to say a personal thank you to the group, regarding a particular thing. When I created it, it was for some people to get to know each other and that was all I really had in mind (and that did in fact work! I have made great friends due to creating the group. I hope all of you have!).

I never thought, or expected to see it achieve the kind of numbers it did and has. I also never expected Portalarium to show the level of support to the group they have, in even promoting it in their news letters and articles.

While that is all great, I can’t tell you how nervous it has made me at times. It would be naive of me to think a company such as Portalarium, with a game like Shroud of the Avatar, and that in my naivety and innocence in doing social work had the audacity to name EXACTLY like the game, to not think they don’t keep an eye on how well it’s managed. In the end, no matter how many administrators the group has if there was a serious issue, I realize that eye is going to be like the blazing eye of Sauraun looking at me and thinking I have the One Ring in my pocket!

I know they would always be understanding, and work with me, not come at me like death if there was a concern… The thing is though, I have never had to have those conversations with Portalarium because the group has never put me in that position.

Thank you so much, for how awesome you all are for that!

To many more years, and thousands of members both for the game and for the group.
Shroud of the Avatar Facebook Group

*The Shroud of the Avatar Facebook Group is not affiliated with Portalarium or any of its subsidiaries. It is a fan group run by fans for fans. There is a Shroud of the Avatar Facebook PAGE, which is owned and operated by Portalarium for Shroud of the Avatar. For official information, you should join that page!

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June 14 2017

What To Take With You To Today’s Q&A for Portalarium’s Seed Invest Campaign

Right then.. *Looks like a deer caught in a headlight*

This topic has caused quite a stir in the Shroud of the Avatar community, and this is my first time doing a piece on it. Mainly as I have been rather busy.

Let’s break it up into three sections. What is it with my take on things, what is taking place today, and finally a LOT of information for you to check out as articles and videos.

Invest, Invest, Invest!

So the new seed program is a way to raise additional revenue for Shroud of the Avatar. As I understand it the basic gist is to raise additional funding beyond what is raised by other methods and used for current operations, in order to expand operations to include things such as Marketing as we get closer to launch.

This is done by selling company stock in which you also get possessions in the Shroud of the Avatar game. These possessions are non-play-to-win cosmetics such as land, housing, and different textures for your in-game possessions such as said houses. A golden house for example.

A lot of people are tripping out by all of this. The two bigger areas I have picked up on that are causes of concerns.

First, they revealed their current bank account balances and things of that nature. WOA! You would think people don’t understand what “lean’ is! So here’s the scoop. Portalarium has about enough in the bank to pay the bills for two months.

People are screaming “where did all of my money go”. I will have articles below you can go read, what people are saying, thinking, why, etc.. Here is my take though. I believe I remember Portalarium having always said it is running lean, that is generating enough money per month in paying that month’s operating costs, etc, etc. I personally saw no surprise here. What happened to our money? My thought is.. What do you think they have been doing this for free for the last 4+ years?

So call me dense, but.. yeah, I saw no surprise here, and no reason to be any more concerned than I would have been two years ago!

Secondly, I believe people are flipping out about why they want more money. Again, I remember them always saying things like “We pay ZERO for marketing”, “We share booths so as not to spend your money on marketing”, “When we are near launch we will look at ways to generate revenue for marketing”, “We will always be exploring new ways to generate revenue”.. and on, and on, and on. Like a mantra for years.

So.. They are doing what they always said they would do in my mind. No surprise to me.

So.. that’s my take *Shrugs*. I haven’t done a lot on this topic, in part because that is my feeling on it. It’s nothing to be surprised about, and the general unrest it caused honestly and truly confuses me.

I am not saying Portalarium is perfect, or that there may not be reasons to be concerned about the game and companies longevity or their choices. I just don’t see anything here that was a big shock to me.

Now that you have the very, very basics, what is happening today?

You probably already are aware if you care, but just in case! You have a chance to learn all you want to know!

6/14/17 at 4 PM Central Time / 5 PM Eastern

Head over and read the full details!
Lord British Invites You to Upcoming Q&A Events for Portalarium’s SeedInvest Campaign

The wrap-up! Want to do some homework before the Q&A? What are different people saying? What questions are there? What opinions? Get out your notebooks…

One of the most important links, the official Seed Invest site:
Portalarium – Series.b – SeedInvest

Watch the last telethon where this was discussed and see data!

Other Web Sites:
Garriott reassures backers after fresh crowdfunding push exposes finances |

Richard Garriott's Portalarium to raise equity crowdfunding for Shroud of the Avatar | VentureBeat | PC Gaming | by Dean Takahashi

Garriott reassures concerned Shroud of the Avatar fans | Games industry news | MCV

Invest $30,000 in Shroud of the Avatar to get a golden castle | PCGamesN

Update On 'Shroud Of The Avatar' From Director Richard Garriott

Garriott's Shroud of the Avatar seeks more funding – Backers are concerned

Portalarium Announces Equity Crowdfunding Campaign as Commercial Launch of Shroud of the Avatar Nears | Games industry press releases | Develop

Richard Garriott Reassures Shroud Of The Avatar Backers About Their $15 Million | Kotaku Australia

Portalarium opens the books for equity crowdfunding |

Gamasutra – Press Releases – Portalarium Announces Equity Crowdfunding Campaign as Commercial Launch of Shroud of the Avatar Nears

Shroud Of The Avatar Developer Announces Crowdfunding Campaign | CGMagazine

Richard Garriott Reassures Shroud Of The Avatar Backers About Their $11 Million

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August 27 2016

Tools for Shroud of the Avatar Players – Part Six

One of my favorite websites, SotA housing, added another tool a few months back. It is called “House Lot Fence Calculator.” Directly on the internet site, you can determine how much fencing you need, what quantity, what it’s going to cost, and more.

I have not had a need to use this one yet, but much like their Player Owned Town Housing calculator, I am sure when the time comes I will be very appreciative!

Markee Dragon is still putting out videos that will be of help to many, continually. So grab yourself a bucket of fried frog legs and enjoy!


Hey, if you find these articles of use, show a little love back and toss me a $1.00 or two via donation or subscribing to my Patreon. The cost of living is not going down, and the costs to keep everything running, go up every year.

If that doesn’t sway you, consider this. I am losing game time when I do these!

That is it for now, but yes there is a part Seven, which shall be the last in this “catch-up” series. I still have enough notes to do another piece. So watch for that to come soon!

August 21 2016

More Tools for Shroud of The Avatar Players – Part Five

Yep, that’s right. Part five. What can I say, the community creates?!

Green Star

Astronomy is going to be important in Shroud of the Avatar. I have heard Richard indicate in the past that there are plans for cosmic events. The moon has been shattered in the world, and that plays an important role. We have Star Dials in the game and more. While we do not know yet what all forms of interest it will take in this game, we are aware it’s important to keep an eye in the sky.

This web page over here may help with that!


That adventuring experience pool is taking some hits, and you need to put something into the pool? Having trouble with your quests maybe?

WALKTHROUGHS! While you may not want to spoil the gameplay, it can also be just as bad to be so stuck you just cannot progress. That is when I will turn to a walkthrough.

So if you find you need a little help with your quests, you may want to try Quests of the Avatar.


You have that new book you wrote ready to be published, you want 500 copies, and you walk over to either your Magical Printing Press or your Soujerner’s Tales Magical Printing Press, and… your clueless!

Don’t Panic! Grab a Towel and head over to the forums to check out this handy guide on what to do from Themo Lock.

Markee is still putting out video that will guide you through your adventures.

Not really a tool or resource (at least yet!), but Ember Isolte just put up her contest entry video for Shroud of the Avatar’s new trailer!


When one is going deep under the earth with your fellow travellers, don’t get lost during your spelunking adventures. Take a map!

[pullquote]Sewer, Catacomb, Mine and Dungeon Maps[/pullquote]

So I finally cleaned off the muck, grime and ectoplasmic residue from visiting some old spots in Novia and the Hidden Vale. Let me tell you what, funky things are living below us and most of them aren’t too friendly. Good thing I have a trusty sword I “borrowed” from a burned out village, and hat that glows in the dark!

There are many cartographers in this community of ours. Each offer something special. These are done by Spero Gottskraft and you can find them here on the forums.


Looking for all the emotes you can pick up from NPC’s in game? Spoon is helping the community keep a list and where to get them over here.

So there are lots of sign language one can learn from the locals here in New Brittania. Here is a list of some of them.

Can you find any more? (Not listed the ones from pledge, recruit, purchase etc – ie only ones one can earn in game).

July 25 2016

New Shroud of the Avatar Crafting Website

Interested in crafting in Shroud of the Avatar? A new website has gone up called “SOTA Quartermaster”. The site is currently in Beta and promises a lot more to come.

Launch Message

We’ve been working hard to bring you this tool and we plan to continue to bring you new features every few days to make this the best SOTA community tool on the interwebz. We really appreciate your patience with us.
Thanks All!

Sota QuarterMaster 07-25-2016

May 6 2016

Win Shroud of the Avatar Store Credit or Custom Art from T&H

Role Players of the Avatar has put up their May contest which means you have another chance to win all kinds of stuff!

[pullquote]Giving Away $170 Add-On Credit & $70 Art Commission![/pullquote]

Elgarion also has a post up over in the Shroud of the Avatar forums if you want to jump in on any discussions for the contest or have questions.

Here ye! Here ye! Biographers, Historians, Diplomats, Journalists, Story Writers, Quest Designers, Videographers and Musicians! RPOTA is in dire need of your amazing talents! Role-Players of the Avatar is hosting a monthly contest to award those most famous with their quill, camera, piano or lute! Piano or Lute you ask? Why yes! A module has been added for sharing ABC files, so an accompanying contest was also created!

Want to get in on this but not sure what to do? Try writing, and if you need help just hop over to Writers of the Round Table. The writers there are a great resource and typically more than willing to offer input for your writing projects. Fantastic website! I am biased though as I host it *grins*.

April 9 2016

April RPOTA Creation Contest Announced, Calling all Shroud of the Avatar Creators

Role Players of the Avatar have announced the April Shroud of the Avatar Creators contest! This game is packed full of goodness in that it lets several types of creators to participate. Writers, Musicians, and more. Then throw a total of $240 in prizes on top of that. Holy prize support Batman!

If all of that is not enough, custom work from community member Indi Martin is the top prize! I myself know several people who have won this and I am also a Patreon for Indi Martin. As a result, I have seen a lot of the final winning pieces, and they are fantastic!!!

Here ye! Here ye! Biographers, Historians, Diplomats, Journalists, Story Writers, Quest Designers, Videographers and Musicians! RPOTA is in dire need of your amazing talents! Role-Players of the Avatar is hosting a monthly contest to award those most famous with their quill, camera, piano or lute! Piano or Lute you ask? Why yes! A module has been added for sharing ABC files, so an accompanying contest was also created!

Journey to the RPOTA website, and share in the grand adventure!

With the sheer number of prizes, this contest offers you do have a good chance to win something once in a while if you put effort into it. I have been planning on diving in myself, but my creative energies are just not being felt for what I would do. Maybe in the future, though!

There is also the opportunity to win some Indi Martin Artwork which I can tell you is epic! One of The Caverns Guild members, Womby, recently won such a commission from Indi Martin. He then proceeded to have this made for us and gave us all permission to use.

In case you do not read runic;
Crazy but Considerate
The Caverns

Go win something cool for yourself!

February 17 2016

Need Help Bringing the Fun On In Shroud of the Avatar?

There is an App for that! Wait.. sorry, disregard that. I got a little excited.

There is a Website for that! Ok, that’s better.

This is a fairly cool service and idea to offer to the community. This group helps provide everything you need for your in game events. Here is a little clip from their website.

Sandillox Ent. services include DJ Apollox Evenheart to provide music that keeps the party rolling.

● The music is heard through use of the various in-game radios or through streaming
via Avatar’s Radio website.

We also provide decoration:
● DJ Booth, dance floor, vip section, seating and more.

Spice up your party with
● Trivia, raffle contests, fireworks and more.

The site itself has some really nice tools such as a Calendar. I am also hearing that they handled Doc Roper’s party if that was at all familiar to you.

Always good to see these communities around! I have added them to the fansites section under the Shroud of the Avatar Links on The Caverns! Take the right tunnel to your location!

February 13 2016

Thank you to Rick/Elgarion of RPOTA.COM from The Caverns!

It’s exciting for me to be able to do a post expressing my thanks to one of The Sponsors of The Caverns!

Elgarion of recently signed up on Patreon to help support The Caverns! Without support of this nature I honestly would be in a lot of trouble both with my credit card company and my wife. Every dollar adds up and I appreciate what anyone can do!

I definitely want to talk a bit more about Elgarion and RPOTA beyond that though as the generosity certainly does not end there. If you haven’t been to or at least heard of the RPOTA.COM website, I would be very surpised. They have been featured multiple times in the weekly official Portalarium update for Shroud of the Avatar and they have a gorgeous website!


RPOTA stands for Role-Players of the Avatar. Or to translate that for those that may not understand it would mean for the person playing who is role playing a character. A place for stories, artwork, and more that the players can share in a community of people with similar interests.

They also cover in game role-play events, quests, videos, you name it! If you are a Role-Player you want to be involved in this group. Even if you aren’t they have a vast amount of information that any player will find useful so be sure to bookmark them. Here is a bit about them in their own words.

RPOTA, ROLE-PLAYERS of the AVATAR, is a social environment featuring a robust RP database which allows SOTA role-players a vehicle to connect with other like-minded individuals. Here, you will find a creative outlet for story writing and adventure creation. We are a community which feeds your desire to be someone else… a crazed barbarian, a cunning scoundrel, maybe a quirky wizard or perhaps a mysterious assassin. There are no limits here as to what character you can explore since we allow for any role-player or role-playing guild to join us from Shroud of the Avatar. Below are some spotlighted features at RPOTA.COM!

Thier support in the community is continual. Whether it’s events, quests, or collaborating with other groups they truly are always involved and trying to offer something.

Now one of my favorite things that they do and that I have been a fan of for a while now, is their monthly contest(s) in which they give away a 170.00 in Shroud of the Avatar store credit in addition to a grand prize of custom art from Tortoise and Hare Creations! So they are not only giving cool prizes to the community, supporting and promoting the game, but are also helping the game and others in the community.

Being a Patreon supporter of Tortoise and Hare myself, I love to see them doing this every month! Be sure to partake in their contests and get an opportunity at some of these great prizes yourself.

RPOTA Contest

Elgarion had also seen that Asclepius, Lord Baldrith, and myself were poking around a bit more and asking authors to please submit work to Echoes of The Caverns to be turned into podcasts. It’s very hard for just a couple of us to monitor thousands of posts and users for individual pieces of fan fiction and then also reach out for permissions and we were (and still are!) asking for the writers to please, please just send it to us and make life easy!

Collaborating with Echoes From the Caverns he coded and even put it into place on the Echoes site for us, cross-connection to the writers on RPOTA in terms of making it easy for them to submit stories for podcasting. If that’s not going above and beyond to lend a hand in the community I am not sure what is!

I always love the opportunity cross-collaborate with other people and groups and this has been a great experience so far. I hope we have more opportunities in the future and if you stop by their site, tell them The Caverns sent you!

Ankh Quill