August 15 2017 Starts Shroud of the Avatar Online Auctions

Ok, you are a Shroud of the Avatar player and you are tired of looking at arbitrary price lists of items from sellers. You want to see what people are actually paying for items, what they are selling for, and have opportunities to get at lower costs. In short, you want an online auction!

Auctions –

I decided to start running an auction service at my store site To see how things go, I currently just have a couple of small artifacts and one large item priced low to start things out! Looking for a Duke Founder City Water House Deed? This might be your chance, as I have a two-week auction running with a starting bid of $50!

Auctions –

Maybe it’s the reverse of that. You are a seller, and you just want to see what your items will go for at that time, selling as quickly as you can and not messing with everything. We’d be more than happy to run auctions for your items, at your specified minimums (returning what doesn’t sell), for a 10% commission. Interested? Contact!

Have a LOT of stuff to sell, want to do it quickly, don’t know where to start, concerned about risk, and don’t want to undersell? Let us take your complete inventory for you, run it as auctions, market it, take care of all the transactions, and just hand you your payments minus our Paypal Fees and 10% commission!

Auctions –

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