July 4 2016

Celebrate Fourth of July With some Loud Noise – Buy Xounts

As my Shroud of the Avatar readers hopefully remembers, I did a piece on the Xounts Kickstarter recently. They have a Shroud of the Avatar skin being offered that SotA fans should be drooling over (I know I am!). If you didn’t catch that piece or even if you just need to read it again as a refresher please feel free to take a moment and read it here and then come back. I promise I will wait for you.

I just saw that for the 4th of July Xounts is doing a special deal in which if you pledge today you get an Independence Day skin. It looks pretty cool to me, so if that looks like it may be of interest to you go get more details and maybe sign up.

The details are here:

Xounts Website:

On Kickstarter:

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