December 7 2017

Some Changes You May Not Have Noticed and Some More Just Made to the CDB Site

This is one of those bookkeeping posts, to update you about some going on’s here at The Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond you may not be in the loop on.

THERES SOME FUN STUFF THOUGH! So You may want to at least skim down all the way, instead of just closing your tab πŸ™‚

A little while back I shut down the Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond Patreon site. This was based on the decision that the original output and creations I was doing had declined. I no longer felt Patron worthy of that project!

I then put everything on a basic hold while I regrouped and put new things into place.

-Nothing is changing with this Blog. I will continue to produce the content you have seen me producing!!!
-The funding meter for this site has been removed. The majority of the funding came through the Patreon.
Donations are certainly still appreciated to help costs, but funding is no longer tracked.
-I removed the Sponsors page since there is no longer an ongoing sponsor/patron program in place.
-The Donation page has been cleaned up to reflect the changes.
-I do have a new Patreon and while funds raised through that, indirectly help pay the bills here, it has it’s own focus, goals, and rewards unrelated to this site. So you can continue to support the Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond either by being a Patron on our other project or by one time donations. Of course, purchasing through also helps!

That’s the breakdown!

So what is your new Patreon doing? DICE!

[pullquote]in which a percentage of sales will fund further projects, creating a continual return on investment[/pullquote]

The New Patreon is designed around creating customized dice, in which patrons will have opportunities to participate in different dice customization projects, at varying levels of input depending on the project. They also are rewarded with free dice, discounts, options to buy into stock orders, and even funding group projects in which a percentage of sales will fund further projects, creating a continual return on investment, in terms of free to a low-cost product, for long-term Patrons!

If you want to learn more about it, head on over. Take a look at the about page, the goals, and of course the rewards! Would love to get you signed up, and right now is the best time. I am doing sort of a soft launch to get things situated, give time for previous Patron’s to drop off, and make posts like this one. is creating Customized Dice | Patreon

Then with the start of the new year here in a few weeks, things will be getting into full swing! I even plan on launching the Patron, with a random gift drawing sometime after the first of 2018. This is NOT a reward, prize, or anything of that nature. It’s simply something I want to do, above and beyond any rewards to say thank you, celebrate the new Patron, and frankly because it’s just fun to do. There will be no charges associated with it, and even shipping will be covered.

Not interested in signing up as a Patron but like the idea of buying some customized dice, maybe as a Christmas gift?

Take one of our flyers! Patrons get opportunities to purchase customized dice at discounts at various levels, however does also take orders with anyone to help them realize their customized dice project for their unique occasion, on a retail basis!

You still here? Wow!

Have a Movie!

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