March 11 2017

The Dice Are Coming, The Dice Are Coming!

Something new The Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond will be doing starting April of this year, is a monthly dice giveaway. At the beginning of each month (on the first or as quickly after as I am able), I will be doing a random drawing of all my $1.00+ Patrons and anyone that donated a $1.00 or more since the previous drawing.

One winner each month, chosen at random, will be shipped no charge (including international), a featured customized die.

To be eligible for April’s drawing you need to either be a Patron when I do the drawing or donate a $1.00 or more between now and then.

An image of the die being given away that month will be included with the winner’s announcement. Yes, you are understanding correctly! The die given away will be not only cool, but a surprise reveal.

These are some examples of, but not limited to, the type of dice you will see being given away.

You can win an unlimited number of times, but any time the winner drawn is the same as the previous month, an ADDITIONAL drawing will be done with a second die being given away. This ensures that someone new has a chance each month, but you have an opportunity to win even if you did the month prior.

These drawings will be held for an indefinite period. We do not anticipate stopping this anytime soon, but when we do decide to, will give a months notice.

Don’t want to take your chances with luck but want to get your hand on the dice we give away? FEAR NOT!

All of the dice in this post are available for sale with the exception of those shown in the featured image, at Those in the featured image will also be available for sale at shortly, as they become available.

The support I get from my Patrons and Donators means a lot, and I am happy to find another way to show that!

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