March 8 2014

Dungeon and Dreamers – Fantastic!

I am excited to post this! I have been meaning to get around to it for a bit now. A few other sites that publish similar news as myself beat me to it, but I wanted a chance to actually read it before posting about it.

What is it? “A Story of How Computer Games Created a Global Community” is the official tag line. Wow is it! Why am I telling my SotA readers about this? Well, this is not some dull book. Instead it’s a book meant to tell a story and stories are best told using a character(s). In this case the primary character is, you guessed it, Richard Garriott.

The book is absolutely fantastic! I have NOT finished it yet, but i am 50% through which since this is a non-fiction book I feel comfortable in reviewing it. There’s no surprise ending happening here folks!

While one of the main characters is Richard Garriott it certainly is not limited to him. Dr. Cat, Starr Long, Steve Jackson, and many many more are referenced. People whose paths did not cross with Richard and even some famous game players. Yet there is a core feel that uses Richard to tell a story and by doing so it makes the book fun and interesting. I have a hard time passing up a good Fantasy or Sci-Fi novel in favor of non-fiction as I really like to get lost in other worlds when reading. That has not been an issue for me with this book. I have been sucked in and loving every moment of it.

I think anyone of any age or past experiences would enjoy it and find it useful but there is definitely and added connection for me in reading it. Having started playing D&D around 1982 or so and Computer games shortly after that I can really connect with a lot of the information in the book. I was one of those kids that had access to a professors account to use the internet before it was public and experience the early day’s of muds. I remember playing Zork! As the gaming industry grew reading this book helped me relive the feelings of remembering the first time I played games like Doom and following companies like Apogee as they started out.

Even from a pen and paper gaming standpoint It made me think back to the first Steve Jackson games being published. The of of growing up with fellow and having rooms full of people rolling dice in my house so that I could really to the of people such as Garriott, Dr. Cat, and others whose child-hoods where. Although I think one difference is I started out playing with my mom and her friends rather the kids of my own age, which came much later for me :).

Even if you can’t make those connections though from personal experiences, the book makes you feel the era and the time. What it was like to be a computer game, programmer, or designer in an era that didn’t yet really understand it. For the younger generation its packed full of a rich history that will help them see how what they are playing now started out and the ideas behind it. I hope to someday convince my daughter to read this (but it will be hard to get her to put down the fiction book to do so, I’m sure!).

This IS a 2nd edition of the book but do not worry abut the first edition. The first edition was meant more for businesses to read and you will not miss anything by not reading it. While I have not read the first edition I have this information on good authority (I do however have a first edition copy sitting on a shelf).

Co-written by two authors I have had the chance to chit chat a little bit with one of them, Brad King. Mr. King seems like a fantastic guy with a wealth of knowledge and he knows his stuff! So I definitely say get this. Support two great authors and pick up something you will really enjoy.

For me? I think this book will become my “carry along” when going to conventions and things of that nature, where I never know who I may run into and so won’t have time to get that “special something” to have someone sign. For those occasion I will be pulling this out and saying “This book is about gaming history, and your a part of gaming history, will you put your mark here so I have something to help me remember this occasion”. It will become my autograph book for emergency situations!

Ok, the important bits!

First off Brad King is celebrating the launch of this book with a special offer from the Shroud of the Avatar community! You can pick up the epub version for 2.99. Go see Mr. Kings post on this offer at Google.

Dungeons & Dreamers – Google+ – Hello all. My name is Brad King, and I’m the co-author ….

If you just want to skip all that and go grab the epub version, go here and use code MH43A at checkout. You have until April 15th.

Smashwords – Dungeons & Dreamers: A Story of how Computer Games Created a Global Community —a book by Brad King & John Borland.

If you want a more physical copy, like me (Im reading it on Epub but I wanted something to put on my sehlf as a momento of another experience I owe to Shroud of the Avatar), you can get a SIGNED copy at a very resonable rate over on their website.

Dungeons & Dreamers | Dungeons & Dreamers.

I have also added a link to the Caverns website under the Assorted links section 🙂

Enjoy the book! I Can’t wait to go finish it! As an added note – its long enough to be a good read and worth the price, but its not an overly long book if your someone that doesn’t like a ton of pages!

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