November 16 2014

Those who Dwell in the Darkness – Presented by the Mad Hermit!

He came, he saw, he then showed it to all of you in its full glory!

The New Britannia Theater Group Proudly Presents, “They Who Dwell In Darkness”.

This is an edited version of the performance held live on October 25th in Valemark. Actors from around the world voice-acted their roles which was simulcast on Avatar’s Radio (and broadcast in-game via the Aether Vibration Amplifier) while typing their lines and controlling their characters.

I was asked to record the event, which I did, but then felt compelled to create the “Made for TV” version of it. Enjoy!

Author: Gabriel NightShadow

Voice Actors:
+ Amber Raine
+ Asclepius
+ Static Grazer
+ Lady Adnor

Editor and Producer: Asclepius

Music Credits
“The Field of Dreams” by Paulis Jurgelevleius
“Small Loss” By HorrorPen
“Anger Lonely (3M loop) by Natlyea
“The Mad Scientist” by BossLevelVGM
“Walls and Lamps” by Alexandr Zhelanov
“BellHell” by Ove Melaa

All music can be found on:

For full information about the production see the forum post:…

Link to Shroud of the Avatar – New Britannia Theater Group Performance of “Those Who Dell In Darkness”…
Standard YouTube License

Shroud Of The Avatar – New Britannia Theater Group Presents – They Who Dwell In Darkness – YouTube.

The New Britannia Theater Troupe

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