January 26 2016

Echoes from The Caverns needs your help if you are a writer!

What many people do not realize about Echoes From the Caverns, is that it’s the exception that the authors and material come to us as opposed to us seeking it out.

When Lord Baldrith and Asclepius started running the majority of the day to day things, I left them with a large vault filled with many pieces to podcast!

Unfortunately these days the vault is running low and while we are keeping the work flowing, we really need the authors to send it to us.

Please read more details in this post by Asclepius over here on the forums:

zzzzzt…….bzzzzttt…..this is a public service announcement. Please allow a brief pause in the murder/mayhem/wild orgies for an update from the management…

OK, as you know we at Echoes from the Caverns love to bring you podcasts of the wonderful works that originate from you, the community. They are hosted on the website, and broadcast on Avatars Radio for all to enjoy.

Now as it happens I have locked into a great source for now – in the person of Elgarion De’Kahli – but I do ponder what will happen when that runs out. We want more wonderful stories, from more authors, representing a wide cross section of the community. Sadly, the “vault” is running a bit dry, which means that as soon as we see something it is snapped up and recorded! (Nice to have some reserves….)

Our usual method of finding stories is to trawl through the library section, and ask if we can podcast particular works. If we have overlooked anything I truly apologize – it’s a big forum, and hard to be across all of it.

My main message is – if you have written a story, poem or whatever, and would like to hear it as a podcast, PLEASE give us a buzz. It is so much easier than us trying to ferret out stuff, and risking missing out on a gem.

Also, Lord Baldrith’s awesome voice really needs a workout – if you would like your creation read by him, please just give the nod – it will absolutely happen!

So, you can have your piece immortalised in mp3 format by contacting lordbaldrith@thecaverns.net or Asclepius@thecaverns.net

Thank you for your attention, you may now return to your regularly scheduled program:)

Lord Asclepius

Since we are talking about reading, writing, and the literary arts, seems like a good place for a book recommendation.

Currently I am on the 2nd book of the Breakthrough series by Michael O Grumly. Found this under the Science Fiction on Kinlde Unlimited. Had great reviews etc,

I was getting tired of the typical SCI-FI and Fantasy, battle, assassin, Rogue, Kill, hunt sort of plotline. Wanted something that felt a bit more old school. Long story and challenges, reminisance of the Arthur C. Clarke type. Maybe due to my recent watching of Child Hoods End!

This fit the bill. Is not one of the best series I have ever read by far but it is certainly enjoyable!

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