December 12 2015

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I do this post to support someone who has become such a good friend. Not in the sense that I know them well in what they do day to day in their life, but instead someone whom I have travelled a similar path with, supporting each other, and growing together for what seems like years.. or wait, I think it has been years! *blinks*

Someone whom I know has a very kind, loving, and giving heart. In short a damned good guy! His wife seems pretty amazing as well!

I do not want to see him go but I do not question the decisions of others as all anyone can do is make the best decisions they can and only they can make those decisions. So while a painful event for me I will bear it and support my friend knowing that whatever the reasons, they are obviously what he needs to do.

He has posted everything you need to know over on the Shroud of the Avatar forum. Here is the link.

There is a secret that only real friends know,
and it is this.
All the mountains and valleys in the world
cannot separate friends whose hearts are as one


Posted by Sir Stile Teckel - Email Author
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Posted December 12, 2015 by Sir Stile Teckel in category Accounts, Mad Hermit

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