April 2 2016

Games From Stiles Basement – Vcr Clue & D&D Clue

I swear I haven’t gone off the deep end!

Put your stereotypes aside for all the lousy VCR games of that era aside for a moment and hear me out.

VCR Clue is a game that if you try it out, play the advanced version NOT the traditional version, and make sure you have at least four players. You will have some of the most family and friend game playing fun ever had!

Many of the VCR games of old, let’s faced it, sucked. Also, WTF Stile? Since when.. Really? I mean.. CLUE?

Yeah, you got me. IT’s THAT GOOD! Ok, I will try to explain how it works.

You are all dealt cards with hints on them. They refer to scenes and chapters in the video. You watch episodes of the video together and then taking turns your able to request individual segments to be replayed.

The way the outcome of the game is determined works very much like the board game. Being able to add a memory element of remembering scenes from the game so you do not have to replay them adds a skill factor beyond what you have in the board game. Thus increasing the fun on a classic game yet while keeping it’s core values. The result is a hell of a good game.

You can pick it up on Amazon by shooting this target.

If I need some Redemption, then I also own Dungeons and Dragons Clue!

This is also a game I would recommend. It takes the traditional Clue, changes the setting, and adds some game mechanics to improve further the game to give you an improved version!

This Thumbnail takes you to Amazon.

Anyone who is a Patron of The Caverns at the 1.00 or higher level, anyone that has ever donated $10.00 or more, and anyone in the future that donates $10.00 or more. If you own or purchase VCR Clue I or II (also good although I no longer have it). You pay shipping costs but send me the tape and I will dub it to DVD for you and send it and the DVD back. Please note this offer only extends for as long as I own a working VHS to DVD recorder and I run this blog.

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