July 10 2015

Get the Holy Grail of maps made for your Player Owned Town?!?!?!!

I did an article recently about Cave-Geek. For those that missed it the name is a happy coincidence. I REALLY like this guys work and creativeness and I can think of several things I wouldn’t mind purchasing that would have a Shroud of the Avatar relationship.

Small pieces with Heraldry. Go all out on a New Brit map… Or, a map of The Cavern’s Guild Player Owned Town, Neath? That would be sweet! Im sure some of you will look at some of his work and think the same! As well as come up with cool ideas of your own (Share them with me in the comments).

Cave-Geek gave me permission to share some photos so that maybe I can grab your attention, cause trust me. You want to see this!

So what your looking at up top is one of the map’s he made for Game of Thrones. Now this isn’t as “amazing” as he can go but it is also certainly a notch up from simpler and smaller, so im personally dubbing it “mid range”. If I purchase a custom Shroud of the Avatar map this would be the way I go (unless I could afford to go “all out” if you will). Since Neath is a smaller player owned town id probably go with a simpler and smaller map of it.

If I owned some of these bigger ones in the community though..man, id go all out on those with no hesitation! This would be the holy grail to point at and say “That’s MY town! I own that in a game!” THAT would be my holy grail as a physical good I think. Paxlair so needs one of these!

Heres a few more photos for you to take a look at but I promise, its a very small sampling. He could do Character Avatars also! So if you like what I am showing you get over to his site, look at his other work and maybe drop him a note about ordering something! Tell him Stile sent ya!


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