February 12 2016

Going Beyond The Caverns – Gravitational Waves – But where are they REALLY GOING?!

Im sure there are not many of you out there who have not heard the news that about Gravitational Waves. If you haven’t though jump over and read this article at Space.com.

Something that many do not know about me is that I actually tend to follow (and have been doing so for most of my life) most of the scientific testing, advancements, and inventions that are taking place in the world. For me though I get more excited about “what technology will develop from this?”.

Right now, that honestly makes me want to veer into a couple of side topics. Let’s agree though that as a race we have invented and made advancements way beyond what we see or use outside of research labs. This is due to the time it takes for something to go from “EUREKA, IT WORKS!” onto the shelves of your retail store (or whatever the equivalent would be for the technological advancement).

If you do need an example this is one of the best ones that come to mind, but you can take a peek at some of the related links to the side of it as well. Pay attention to dates, timelines, etc.. You’ll start to understand what we truly are capable of but how long it takes until we can actually USE it as a species to out betterment outside those previously mentioned labs.

I enjoy knowing about these accomplishments and feats that we have made as a race. They are glimpses into potential futures, some in my time and some after my time, based on factual and established creations. In a way it is a sort of time travel. It also always gives me great conversation pieces :).

So when we saw Gravitational Waves my first thought was “What can this lead to in terms of useable technological advancement for the human race?”. I am SURE there are some articles floating around on the internet about this topic. I have not dug deeply into it, but have clicked on some of the articles that have been floating around on Facebook, Google, Bing, etc. This one being one of the better ones I have read.

I am not seeing much on the topic though, so I decided to do a rare piece for me, and just throw out some of my thoughts. Please keep in mind that I have almost no formal scientific background so it is only my personal speculation!

So we observed not only space but also the fabric of time being affected if I understand correctly. With both a increase and decrease in the speed of time.

If we are able to study and understand this, could this not lead to the potential to replicate the effect in a controlled manner? Potentially leading to an ability to create “bubbles” in which time is moving faster and slower than that of elsewhere.


What if we created such bubbles around farms, greenhouses, and other areas of land or buildings? We could grow food, medicine, and almost any other natural resources at an accelerated rate. We could repopulate the forests, oceans, and endangered species.

Non-Renewable resources? Oil? Diamonds? Is there a limit to how much we can speed time up in that bubble? Cause if not and if a billion years can be a minute outside of it, I am not sure we can even imagine what we could create in that bubble. We should take it slow to be careful *grins at pun*.

In short it could lead to restoring the natural habitat and beauty of the planet as well as eliminating hunger. Resources could become more plentiful to all and could potentially eliminate war.

Instead slow time down around a critical patient while waiting for a surgeon to arrive. Slow time down around organs so that they could be kept in a sort of stasis until needed eliminating the waste of hearts, lungs, and other transplants that are not able to get to those that need them in time. Wait lists go away. Surgeons no longer rushed while performing surgeries or patients being in danger of not being able to be seen in time.

Your very own slow down refrigerator, keep food.. or anything else you own from aging until you need it. Talk about archival frames for your most treasured artifacts! I wonder what museums could do with that?

You know you COULD time travel…in a way. Rent a bubble! Take a nap, wake up, and its 500 years later! Keep in mind it’s a one way trip and we have NO idea what will be waiting for you! Sounds better then Cryogenics though.

Conjecture? Crazy? Science Fiction? Maybe so, but it seems a little more reasonable to me today than it did a week ago! Wow, I bet that would take an insane amount of energy though, huh?

What about the ability to analyze what takes place to create a Supernova or in the center of a Star? Could we not then be able to reproduce those events (I would hope on a much smaller and somehow safe scale)? Could that then lead to unlimited energy from matter to energy conversion? I can’t say how viable it would be in terms of safe to ever test such a thing but doesn’t sound any worse then harnessing the power from a black hole!

Crazy speculation for sure, but since I am not seeing much other speculation to go along with what is a new and amazing Scientific discovery, thought I would do a rare article type for myself and toss some out.

You might think that if all that could be done we may lead to a virtual Utopia which could be our own downfall. I say nay, for we have far to go and you have only but look up to see we barely have started. Not to mentioned we can always find adventure and strife in video games, just ask Richard Garriott!

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