April 29 2015

Grab your quill and take notes

Just a few more bits and bobs that you may want to know about, as I work on keeping up with both the new stuff and catching my backlog.

Obviously R17 is about to happen and I hope that you are all excited as I am! Add “Stile Teckel” to your friends list and keep an eye open for me as I’ll be around!

So the first thing out the gate tonight is a bit about the Mad Hermit. He Has a website now! Congratulations Mad and looking good! http://www.themadhermitgaming.com/

As we are all ramping up for R17 it looks like MMORPG.com decided not to be left out of the picture!

Prepare for a server wipe in Release 17, but there are a number of reasons why you shouldn’t be bummed about the global reset. While Starr Long is out working his way around Europe, having finally been convinced that he needs a vacation, Chris Spears, and Richard Garriott took time to walk me through some of the big updates we can expect in Shroud of the Avatar’s 17th monthly release.

Head over for the full article!

Ok, this was intended to have more content but Im not going to have the time. So I am getting out what I have done to you!

Ankh Quill

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