February 6 2016

Help! I am being invaded!

I normally like to post pieces with recommendations, geek news, and other personal blurbs of things I am interested in or want to promote at the bottom of posts that are being put out for SotA news.

In short, I try to put the stuff you may not be interested in at the bottom of my posts where you can ignore it if you want to. I pretend that no one one does and that you all find it utterly awesome stuff and please don’t mess with my fantasy and tell me otherwise!

I am going to break that rule this time and I hope my regular SotA only readers forgive me. The reason is, I do not have any news pieces at the moment and this personal blurb has a timer attached to it.

One because the prices are all over on ebay and I expect the items to not be seen much at some point since they ARE limited edition.

Secondly because I want to un-save my saved searches on it. Which would make doing the article more of a pain later, so… deal with it (I don’t mean that! Don’t leave me!).

Right, getting to the point… SPACE INVADERS!!

As you can see they came out of someone’s Atari 2600 and are coming to get me through my computer!!!


This item was an exclusive in the January Loot Crate. The first game I ever played on a monitor (or TV) was Space Invaders which I had gotten on an Atari 2600 when it was new. Yes, I could play the shit outta that game and flip the score many times! No, I wouldn’t want to try today so I hope these guys are more friendly then I remember them to be. Otherwise I may regret having them come back into my life on one of my current monitors!

The nostalgia combined with the coolness factor of these items; oh and toss in a dash of they fit on my monitor that had nothing else on it, perfectly, made me want more of them! I jumped on Ebay RIGHT away and got them very cheap compared to what they are doing now (so an investment also, right? I kept the boxes!).

Here’s a couple of auction links if you want one!

Loot Crate Exclusive Space Invaders Vinyl Figure Orange Yellow Variant

NEW SPACE INVADERS mini vinyl figure Atari RARE EXCLUSIVE HOT Loot Crate

One of these days I am going to 3D print the UFO from the game, paint it, and hang it from the ceiling above those guys.

If anyone has the ability to do that for me (I can paint it), and its not to costly, let me know!

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