November 16 2014

Huge thank you to Asclepius!

Asclepius recently decided to help support the Caverns by contributing to my Pateron –! This is in addition to a donation he made last year during my funding drive to cover the costs of things for another year. He agreed I could both list him on my sponsor page as well as do a thank you post! Woot! (not many let me!).

If your not familiar with Asclepius he is one of the project heads working with and running Echoes from the Caverns. If your nto familiar with either him or Echoes form the Caverns… SHAME ON YOU!!

Echoes from the Caverns is a project Lord Baldrith and I started for podcasting. Initially Weekly news podcasting but later followed by poetry, fan fiction, and even music. Done in the style of old time radio shows with voice acting we work with a lot of people in the community including authors, voice actors, and other artists. Together we term them all “The New Britannia Theater Troupe”.

Asclepius came on board with us as a welcome and talented member of our team and has climbed in his contributions and level of participation until at times hes handling more of the work load then both Baldrith and I! Although we do cover each others backs so that varies *chuckles*.

Asclepius is considered a full partner of Echoes from the Caverns by Baldrith and myself these days and we know we would have been sunk more then once without him.

In addition to that he has been helping Direct and coordinate in game plays with live voice acting playing on Avatars Radio!

His next project with me is that he is actually putting some of his video editing skills to use and creating a Patreon video for me! On top of putting his time into doing that for me he is helping to help cover my costs? Hell of a guy!

Most importantly meeting Asclepius and working with him in relationships to these great projects has helped me find a great friend I look forward to spending time adventuring in another world with in the future!

Thanks for the support Asclepius! Show him your support and listen to his work over at Echoes from the Caverns as well as that of all of the other talented people who make it possible! Posts – Echoes from the Cavern.

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