November 18 2016

Why I Just Got Excited About VR!

VR is something that I have kept on, as I do for almost anything to do with gaming or technology. It is not something that I have ever done much more than give a head nod to, though.

It’s not that I do not feel we have a place for VR yet, I do. It is that anything that I would be interested in is outside of my access for one reason or another.

That has somewhat changed! I still have a roadblock in that this is not something I foresee being able to budget for a long time, as I need a PS4 first (or another platform choice)! Still though in a couple of years I may be able to bring this into the home. At this moment, is the first VR application I plan to try!

Link to Star Trek Bridge Crew on Amazon

I recently had attended the Griffoncon 40 Convention in South Bend, IN. One of the events that took place throughout the convention was a demonstration fo the game “Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator“.

I loved it! You had five people playing the game at the same time. The way they had set it up was the captain in the center with two crew members on each side of him.

Each player plays one of the roles of the crew from Star Trek. The game is different for each of you, as your goals are related to the position and station you are playing from.

While it looked like a great game, I couldn’t help but think I would love to see a more graphical version of the game.

While it has some differences, it looks like wishes do come true as Star Trek Bridge Crew sounds like it may do a good job of this. Reviews I read about it have been positive so far. It may be a long way away until I get to try it but it’s going on my wish list!

On Amazon: Artemis Spaceship Bridge Simulator

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