September 24 2016

Larp & Garb, A-Z


A special type or style of clothing.
Examples: Cosplay Costumes, Renaissance Clothing, LARP clothing, Civil War Reenactment clothing


Live Action Role Play

This guide will give you some of the basics to the advanced, for preparing, and shopping for an event in which you need to dress for a renaissance, medieval, or fantasy theme. This is one of the styles that is most typically meant when the term “Garb” is used.

It provides solutions for putting together your “look” from low-cost solutions to high-quality product options. As well as guides on how to dye and whether your clothing.

I, Stile Teckel, Hereby dedicate this guide to the Shroud of the Avatar Convention. AKA SotA Con. A huge thank you to those involved with the convention who approached me with the idea of creating this guide, as well as providing suggestions and feedback.


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