October 1 2016

Fisherman, the

Image: Stile Teckal & Wife, Miami, FL.

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Winfield, Shroud of the Avatar Convention Event Coordinator

Winfield, Shroud of the Avatar Convention Event Coordinator

The Fisherman

These items are not the one’s Winfield in the photos used, rather these are what I would reccomend if someone sent that photo to me with some notes (like Winfield did) and asked me for a shopping list to re-create it.

Two pant options are listed depending on your need and budget. The sweat pants would cost less, and you could re-use day to day. The others are more authentic, would be used more for just events, but would last longer as a result.

If budget allowed, get both. Use the sweat pant when you are going to fish, hike, and be active. Use the nicer pants when you are gaming, shopping, or at the tavern.

Winfield made his fishing pole! You could do that or here is a quick inexpensive purchase option.

Custom accessory requests by Winfield.

Silver Serpent Necklace

Stile Teckel recommended accessories for larger budget

You may want these if you’re eating your catch.

I hear it was a bit chilly for Winfield if I remember rightly. This would have fit the period and his theme quite well. Others would have appreciated it as well! In between the rain anyway.

Some more suggestions for those with the budgets to match high enthusiasm!

Add Warmth and Utility

Stay Cool Instead

*Dedicated to Winfield who provided the photo and notes for me to use with this project.

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