October 18 2014

Lord British, you asked for it, very well then, you got it! THIS IS FOR YOU!

They Who Dwell in Darkness

Towards the end of the R10 Post Hangout, Richard Garriott mentioned in sort of a passing remark that Avatar’s Radio playing something live, that people in game where able to put actions to would be pretty neat. Ok – No I am not quoting him here, its a loose paraphrase/interpretation that im using my own words to relay πŸ™‚

Now, who would be the best group of people to do something like that? Hmm.. Well, How about the New Britannia Theater Troupe? A group of voice actors, writers, audio editors, agents, public relations, community leaders, etc… from the community that Amber Raine of Avatars Radio also happens to be a member of and works closely with? Sounds like that might be the right group!!

So some members of the New Britannia Theater Troupe came together and did what they do best.
Author – Gabriel NightShadow
Voice Actors – Amber Raine, Asclepius, Static Grazer, and Lady Adnor
Editor and producer – Asclepius

They have recorded a play that shall air on Avatars Radio on Saturday 10/25/14 at 10am CST, 11am EST. This is NOT an Echoes from the Caverns Podcast this time though, this is something more! Because when this airs on Avatars Radio those same voice actors shall meet in game, and perform it for you!

Paxlair will be building the theater troupe a stage for the production. Invites are being sent to Lord British, Lord Darkstarr, Firelotus, and others. Community leaders are being contacted.

The full combined resources of Avatars Radio and The Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond are being applied to get the word out to every community member possible. For they are attempting to honor and meet the request of Lord British himself!


I think that this is an amazing thing being done. It has been put together in a very short time. The story was written, people met and recorded it, Audio editing took place all with a short deadline. Furthermore you have multiple groups from the community coming together to work on this project together.

We know that one of the stretch goals in game will be theaters in game for players to do this sort of thing with. This is the first step towards one possibility of what we will see within the game. It may not be perfect – its a first attempt. Its been put together quickly and a lot of things that they do not even know to consider but will seem obvious afterwards may occur.

I personally though, having worked with this group on numerous projects and having seen the amazing skill each of them possess combined with great passion and love, have no doubt this will be fantastic.

Help make this the best event ever possible! Spread the word and if you can come to it, please do!!! If you use Twitch, please, air this! Lets show this to the world. Record, Make videos, post them on You Tube, take screen shots! Let show them why the community in Shroud of the Avatar is the best around and why Shroud of the Avatar is something to take very seriously.

If you want to contribute to this event in some way, have ideas, or suggestions please contact me. I will help coordinate with you and the Troupe so they can determine if it makes sense for this event! Word is they are looking for maybe a few opening acts *winks*.

Finally, please keep an eye open for more updates. They are still looking at a lot of additional things to make this even better (if that’s possible and can be managed!). You will NOT WANT TO MISS THIS!!! More to come….

You can find the forum thread for this event here:
Something very special this way comes | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

The New Britannia Theater Troupe

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