March 4 2016

New Version Footsteps Scene Designer Pro for Unity by The Mad Hermit / Printer Recommendations

The mad Hermit has released a new version of Footsteps Scene Designer Pro for Unity with new features. So if your doing stuff in Unity you are most likely going to want to check this out.

+ Adjustable volume controls for each ground type, allowing you to control the loudness of footsteps on a “material-by-material” basis.
+ Footstep sound FX support for Unity’s 3rd Person Character Controller.
+ Event driven footstep sounds that synchronize with your characters animation.
+ Improved footstep detection using skeletal left and right foot transform to more precisely detect the material beneath the players foot.

Pit Trap, roll 3D100 and take that much damage!

Why so much damage? A nasty pit trap, printers!

I don’t know what it is about printers but it seems like no matter what I get, it has issues. I’ve bought a LOT of printers in my lifetime by a LOT of companies, and I have ever yet to be fully satisfied. Every damned one has some sort of issue.

Now the last time I purchased a printer I went with this one. I am still very satisfied with the choice but it had one flaw going in I knew about. It sucks for card stock. It’s a costly printer but if you want to do seriously quality photographic printing in an all in one unit that isn’t a monstrosity, this fits the bill.

So why my rant? Well, this thing is causing me some trouble with the blank ink of late. It won’t print. Need to get it in and find out if it’s a sensor, cleaning issue, etc.. so not a huge deal. Let’s face it, I love the printer and that sort of thing happens.

However.. Me being unable to print, at all, is a serious issue. Not to mention I am about to go live with a fax line any day that will run through that machine or another.

After a talk with several family members, a decision was made. A backup printer was needed, something that was more focused on being reliable as opposed to being high quality. A daily use spit out the black text stuff, Ebay shipping labels, and things of that nature. A workhorse that’s not a beauty.

Amazingly my wife agreed. This tells you how many issues we have had with printers over the years!

I put together what I would want ideally before going shopping on this purchase. I decided that I should at the same time make up for my inability to print on card stock and it WOULD be nice to do color for that purpose, even if it wasn’t used for other things.

Now, in the end, I was fortunate as what I had, was no budget. Luckily I had a reign check from a family member for something I needed in relationship to certain criteria as a gift and this fit. I called it in, it was approved, and I went with a laser!

Now, I cannot at this time say how well it runs. I’ve been sick all week and it was all I could do to slide the almost 70lb box into the house! Hopefully, tomorrow I will get it hooked up and if you are interested in a follow-up review, post a comment and I will do one. Otherwise, I won’t bother.

The reviews on this on Amazon are superb, though. Specifically with regards to the things I was looking for (focus on reliability, no jams, etc). It’s priced highly competitively to other comparable units while at the same time spending anything less gets you almost nothing. It seems like the sweet spot for a printer like this although I could be wrong. I hope maybe my research time helps you out!

I decided to try this set of Toner out figuring I’d rather take the risk rather than spending the amount the name brand is wanting.

Keep in mind the plan is black printing will be done on the laser, color on the inkjet. The exception being color card stock which is VERY rare on the laser. In the long run, this optimizes my cost savings on ink and toner as I will save using black toner and color inkjet.

Granted – That is a big bankroll for printers! However, I think the combination is one of the sweetest I’ve been able to piece together for the multiple purposes and wanting to have a back-up. Not for everyone, you have to understand my wife has a degree in photography so serious photo printing in our house is a must. I run my own business, so serious reliability for simple printing is a must. I hope this works out as well as it seems thus far!

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