February 13 2016

No You Did Not Get Lost In The Caverns!

If you arrive at http:www.thecaverns.net and think you took a wrong turn somewhere in the caves don’t panic! You got to the right place we just did some minor redecoration.

Re-tweaked the navigation menu so that all Shroud of The Avatar and Ultima related content is now under its own parent page. The advantage to this is reducing the size of the navigation menu on the primary screen. This in turns allows to make it easier to see what other content the site offers now or as new types are added.

NO CONTENT HAS BEEN REMOVED! This is a re-structuring of the cosmetic layout only and all the links are still where you are used to and in the same fashion. The entire tree structure is still the same, only under a parent now.

Unfortunately the downside to this is that menu structure is now much large in the pop-ups. If you find it does not work for your display settings in the new format please let me know and I can consider other options. Please understand though with as much content as I have on this site (over 150 pages published), it is very hard to make it easy to access in ANY type of menu system that is not custom made.

It’s always fun when doing a little spring cleaning to move something or add something to the place. So I changed the menu colors just for kicks!

Added a subscription box page since that is something I will be doing reviews on occasion I want it to be simple for people to find links if they wish. I will not put links for subscription boxes I have not reviewed before.

I am considering some sort of general links/friends/recommendations page for sites that I want to spotlight for people. That may come in the future but for right now I need to move back to some other projects as time is moving and I have a lot to get done yet!

As always I appreciate your feedback, constructive criticism, and suggestions!

Ankh Quill

Posted by Sir Stile Teckel - Email Author
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Posted February 13, 2016 by Sir Stile Teckel in category Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond

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