April 23 2015

Ok, so you Got Milk or what not but what are you going to drink it in?!?

Relics by Rild has the answer to that. What you need is some Shroud of the Avatar Glassware!

Shroud of the avatar Glass

SotA Logo Pint Glass β€” Relics by Rild.

Don’t forget the shot glass as well, although I am going to talk more about the pint glass!

Now the timing on these was pertty cool for me. I was recently setting up my kitchen to make it fast an easy to drink waters with flavor additives (I.e. Cool Aid, Tang, Mio, etc). A glass at a time… So I ordered up a handful of these babies and.. have been using nothing else for a couple of weeks!

I am choosing to hand wash mine for better care and to keep them in shape, however to do a proper review I did run one through the dishwasher. No issues at all! Came out as sparkly nice as when it was new.

Now I don’t know where Rild is at on the “numbers” of things, but these are from his first run and while completely cool, hes making some revisions before ordering the more final second run. So rares people!

He also is going to be releasing a Colored version and was nice enough to allow me to do a review on it and share it with you. So keep an eye on it coming from the store.. It has a full picture of Lord British on it and you will be able to tell Richard next time you see him “Hey, I drank from you!”… Ill leave the conversation in which the two of you discuss the context between the two of you πŸ™‚

So below are a few images of the glasses in my collection. I am keeping one of each “unused” with my U6 and U7 potion bottles. The rest are on the kitchen fridge ready to be grabbed and used! Ill be ordering at least a few more as he adds more versions, personally.

Word is, we have a new coin coming also! Frank Baxley on Twitter: "For my few twitter followers and @RichardGarriott . Waiting to breathe life into the Golden Oracle. http://t.co/EnDwM4qb8v".

Have Shroud related things you are selling and want me to do a review and pass along the word? Contact me!

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