July 24 2016

Preparing for a Game Launch

Anytime you have a new video game coming out that you are excited about, and you have invested into; there is bound to be a certain amount of excitement. Possibly even preparation so as to make the most time to enjoy said game as possible.

This, not a launch, Shroud of the Avatar has a significant milestone taking place on July 28th. The last time the game data is deleted (persistent play), and the land rush schedule for pioneers to stake their claims. To me and many others, this is very much a launch even though it’s not a real launch yet. I thought I would share some of my preparations with my readers for consideration, whether they are also preparing for SotA or may find of use in the future.

Demon book

Scheduling time off work, life, and everywhere else you can. With the wipe taking place on the 28th and one of my placement spots being soon after, I have scheduled the 28th and 29th off of work. This gives me an overall four-day gaming weekend to get started with things on, before returning to a schedule.

I have also made my friends and family aware that this will be the majority of my time, and I would appreciate if I am left alone to enjoy *winks*. I am working extra hard and will continue to do so, catching up on as much of my chores, obligations, and other things that could be an interference until the 27th. Unfortunately, I will not be 100% where I want to be and will still lose a little time to obligations, but it will be minimal.

Be sure your gaming area and tech are ready to go. Your environment and tools are critical! Is there any hardware or peripheral upgrades you want to make? Is your area clean with everything in reach? I keep my gaming area immaculate on a regular basis, but some prepare to clean on an occasion. Make sure your all set for your special event!


One of the most important things is not forgetting to stock up on your snacks! Personally, I am not a fan of shopping and try to get as many things by mail as possible. Beyond that, though, if I am going to stock up for an occasion like this I would rather even make that aspect of it more special as well. Get as much enjoyment from my time off and preparations as possible, and keep it simple to do. So I would consider going with a subscription box or four!

Not only will I be playing for those first four days on my long weekend but I will also be working more time for gaming into my schedule for quite some time for a while. Therefore I will make sure I am going to have something on hand to snack on as enjoyment with my game more so than I normally would. Several months of a subscription box gives me a great experience delivered to my door to go with my game.

There are thousands on the market so you can find ones that suit you the most. However here are a few I have reviewed and am willing to recommend as good choices!


I know there will be occasions of play coming up that I will be doing some things that do not require all of my mental attention. Such as harvesting or farming for example. During these periods of times, I like to have some movies going on the TV. Maybe you should start preparing a watchlist now if you do the same thing, so that come game time you are not spending your time figuring out what to watch? Here are some recommendations!

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