October 19 2014

R11 Shadow Quest

Mr. Shadow strikes again for R11 and has another series of quests for those in the community who want and are able to rock it out! So if your looking for an intriguing challenging set of quests to undertake, head over and see what he has going on!

The Shadow Quest | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

The Shadow Quest will be in three parts – the first part can be solved before R11 goes live to progress to the next step. The quest will test your resolve, courage, wit and observation skills. Only the best of the best can beat The Shadow Quest and these exceptional individuals are allowed to know the truth about it. Part of the fun and challenge of The Shadow Quest is that you never know all the details. You must always seek for hidden clues.

The rules are simple:
Do not help others with the quest!
Do not ask others for help with the quest!
Do not tell others that you are participating in the quest! You can tell them about the quest though.
Do not ask others whether they are participating in the quest!

Head over for all the details and good luck!

Ankh Quill

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