May 22 2015

Relics by Rild – New Items, new reviews!

If you missed it Relics by Rild has put in some new offical swag recently.

Specifically patches, a new Pint Glass, and a new coin from Sir Frank!

My latest order arrived yesterday and I can speak highly of all of these items. I like the “style” of the Lord British glass better then just the plain logo glass, as far as having the wider rim mouth. The glass itself is definitely thicker which also account for the slightly higher price as well as the full color graphic. Bottom line is that you should be happy with these! I could see a dishwasher doing a lot of damage to that graphic though, so handwashing!

I actually just ordered a couple of more of the Signature glasses as my entire set was destoryed due to a household incident in which about 20 of our drinking glass where broke leaving us with.. 2.. so sadly, if you keeping count of how many of the first production run of glasses there are, before it is revised (I.e. rares..) there are now 3 less in the world. So better get yours ordered!

LOVE the patches. Very well detailed, simply, and can get them in either sew-on or iron-on. Very cool! The lazy in me likes the iron-on, but the collector in me likes the durability and looks of a sew-on.

The coin.. WOW! Frank went all out in designing this one. Its sharp! By far the heaviest coin and most detailed ive seen yet. It is definitely not flat but the graphics raise and protude in all kinds of places for what ends up being a very solid piece of metal with some real weight in your hand.. I would not want someone to throw one of these at me!

Well worth it and I have yet to be disapointed by Relics from Rild. So be sure to order a couple of items for your collection!

Posted by Sir Stile Teckel - Email Author
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Posted May 22, 2015 by Sir Stile Teckel in category Relics by Rild

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