July 15 2017

Results For This Months Patreon Drawing for CDB Has Been Posted!

Hello, everyone!

Happy to share that as the title indicates, this months giveaway for my Patron‘s and anyone that has donated a $1.00 or more since my last drawing, has been posted to my Patreon site.

It’s a great opportunity to make fun of my poor video skills when it comes to selfie’s as well as hear about some of the different things I have taking place as I ramble a bit in horrid attempts to entertain my viewers.

Enjoy, and as always thank you to those who help contribute to this blog and my other projects, so that I can continue to create.

If you just want to catch the announcement of the winner’s name, see the prizes, and read a couple sentences you can view the post here.

This month’s giveaway winner, and surprise prize finally shared! | Sir Stile Teckel on Patreon

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