March 19 2017

Richard Garriott and Space – eBay Auction Spotlight

What really caught my attention about this item on eBay today, was not that it’s all that rare. I just haven’t seen one in quite a while.

I have seen them posted regularly in the past. Pricing if I remember right tends to run between $75.00 – and $125.00 so this one while not an amazing deal, IS reasonable and fair.

I would love to get one of these for my collection! I have a framed Nasa Postal Cover that has been signed both by Richard and his father, Owen Garriott. Richard signed it for me himself, and while it’s worth a relatively minor dollar amount, especially compared to other items in my collection, it is one of my most treasured possessions as well as his commemorative space travel coins.

Why? Simple, I am a major fan of the space programs as I believe our ability to travel, explore, and populate the stars, is dependent upon our long-term ability to survive as a species. I believe that could lead to us being one nation someday, as one planet, without borders.

Commercial Spacelight bringing the countries of the planet together to pioneer the stars due to common interest and passion. I also believe that Richard Garriott will be historically seen as one of the greatest visionaries of his century as a godfather and pioneer not only in his work in the space industry but also for his ability to inspire others.

So I personally love items that tie those things together, as they represent something I believe strongly in and have a passion for. Dollar value is irrelevant :).

Whatever your reason for collecting such item’s though, this one is a cool piece to own!

Richard Garriott Personal Patch Soyuz TMA-13 International Space Station Tourist

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