November 22 2016

Is Richard Garriott Truly the Most Interesting Man In the World?

I have certainly always felt so. I admittedly didn’t follow Richard most of my life just because of his video games. Rather he has, continues, and most likely will take part in activities and hobbies that I find myself similarly interested in.

I follow many other people just like I do Richard, that has similar interests. Often “famous people” have the financial ability to partake in interest and hobbies I have a passion for but cannot myself afford. This allows me to explore through them virtually.

Exploring life virtually and creativeness through exploration and research are part of what Richards new book “My Life in Pursuit of New Frontiers, Hidden Worlds, and the Creative Spark” is about.

Well, wether you agree with me or not, I am certainly not the only individual feels that way. According to Maxim Richard is one of the 6 most interesting men you can meet.

A little more recent in the News Harper Voyager also cites him as possible being the most interesting man in the world. They also back it up with a few items of note.

Richard is the creator of one of the 1st major massively multiplayer online roleplaying video games: Ultima Online

He’s also an avid explorer: He has travelled to outer space, the Titanic, hydrothermal vents at the bottom of the sea, Antarctica, and the Amazon, to name a few.
Richard was an instrumental founder of two industries: Computer Games and Commercial Civilian Spaceflight

Richard was also the inspiration for one of the main characters in Ernest Cline’s blockbuster hit, Ready Player One (soon to be a Steven Spielberg film).

He’s the first American-born second-generation space traveler; his father flew twice in space for NASA aboard Skylab 3

Richard is in the Computer Gaming Hall of Fame, and he has received a wide array of awards, including the Game Developer’s Choice Lifetime Achievement Award.

Richard was instrumental in developing MMORPGs—and as an 8 billion dollar industry, the biggest MMORPGs have far out-earned even the most successful movies and television shows!

You can read the full article, and see more of his accomplishments (still only a few!), here:

So don’t take our word for it, go out, buy his book (I won a copy from Goodreads!), and decide for yourself!

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