July 17 2016

Short Movie Reviews from Stile Teckel

This last week has been rather hectic, and I haven’t been able to get out any movie blurbs! So what have I watched and what did I think about it over the last week? Here’s the list! Clicking on the image will take you to the movie on Amazon, as a starting point for you to check it out in more detail.

I am cheating on Dead End as I did not watch it this last week. Was a month or so ago and saw I hadn’t included it on anything yet. I had seen it before but had been a while ago, didn’t remember it well, and decided to watch it again. If you are looking for a good horror movie to watch, I will give this four stars.

I will fully admit that I enjoy Harry Potter and am not ashamed of it. Given how varied my tastes are this should not surprise anyone! I do not have any particular large fandom towards the author though and so when I came across this documentary I thought it would be enjoyable to watch. It was! The material was a bit dated in some cases and unfortunately I had stopped it with about 10 minutes left to go and now its no longer available to me for free from the channel subscription I was using!

Sexy Evil Genius. Dammit Son, I like that, say it again! Sexy Evil Genius! That rolls off the tongue, and I highly recommend watching it. Fantastic cast, great plot, well acted, and things are in a way so simple that you do not know how it’s going to end until you get there as there are just too many possibilities.

A highly controversial subject among gamers and non-gamers alike your enjoyment level of this documentary is going to be dependent on how open minded you are. Being open to new ideas myself, this made me consider some things in ways I had never looked at them before. I have never played this game and still have no interest in doing so, but I found the topics valuable.

I had started this thinking it was animated and was rather surprised when I found out otherwise! A rather unusual movie I am not going to try to explain and just say that I enjoyed it but nothing over the top. I would give it 3 Stars out fo 5. Wouldn’t watch it again am happy I watched it once.

Be sure the kid’s around when you put this cartoon on. I enjoyed the animation from movies such as Heavy Metal, Wizards, Fritz the Cat, and other films of that era. So when I came across this one, I threw it on and was not disappointed. Enjoyable and fun as long as you just take it with a grain of sale. Not something that would be politically correct these days!

The Hulk fighting as a Gladiator, in an Arena, on a team of various aliens, on another planet, fighting assortments of other strange creatures. Done, enuff said.

Unfortunately, it turns out I am a failure as a father. Amazon added the Star Trek movies to their Amazon Prime movies recently and after a conversation with my daughter I found out she has never seen Star Trek. Any of it, in any shape or form. WHAT? How did I let this happen?! While I would not call myself a Trekkie, I have seen every movie and TV episode ever made. Yes all of them, the animated stuff, TOS, TNG, DS9, ENT, and so on. Yes, I am even enough of an Artemus I know the three letter fan abbreviations of each as well :).

So we watched 1, and 2 and here is the report. I believe she somewhat liked the first one but wasn’t nearly as enthused with the second. It will be a little while until she is going to be willing to suffer through Search for Spock but I believe she will like the series by the time we hit the 4th or 5th flick.

In the course of introducing my daughter to geek culture, horror culture, B-movie culture, and just damned cool movies she has become an Eddie Murphy fan. So I would have been amiss not to have introduced her to 48 Hours and Another 48 hours. This also allowed me to introduce her to Nick Nolte, who I have always enjoyed. I always think of Silver Bullet first when he jumps to mind.

She liked the first enough she was agreeable to going ahead and watching the second right after.

Speaking of Star Trek, I also caught a documentary on my own at some point. Given that I have watched all of it, I thought it would be neat to learn a little bit more about it. I learned a LOT about it, and it makes me look at Star Trek in some entirely new ways now. Worth watching to me because of that.

I am not saying this is a bad movie; I just didn’t get into it much. I multitask when I watch TV, working on the computer. At this exact moment, I have Halloween on further helping my daughter in her horror culture! I have been telling people my rating system is “how much do I get done?”. The better a movie is, the less I get done.

I honestly do not remember much at all about this one, which means it wasn’t holding my attention. I may have to give it another try sometimes just in case it was a mood thing.

I was surprised by this movie as based on the description I expected it just to be lousy. I am not saying it was great, but it was worth watching.

John Cusack and Tim Robbins. I am done here.

Right, so, this was just something I could relate to in the sense of watching a couple of geeky guys, putting so much enthusiasm into a something they love and enjoy. Something I think most people can relate to even if the hobby itself isn’t the same.

This is another one I think I missed a while back and didn’t watch this week. I came across it still in my watchlist which usually means I also did not pass along any thoughts on it. It has a lot of interesting internet and tech history in areas I did not have a lot of knowledge on. Enjoyed it for that reason.

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