October 31 2016

Shroud of the Avatar – Blacksmith Pricing Tool

Are you a Blacksmith?  Not sure how much to sell something for because you are not really sure what you have in it?

Lazio made a tool for that and made it a download on the forums. I haven’t tried it out myself yet but it sounds spiffy!

Pricing crafted items in SotA is pretty difficult due to the amount of materials and recipes involved, random benefits, items loss, etc. I made a tool for calculating prices of smithed items based on material values and fees that you set. Prices take into account all materials used, combines required, recipes required, item loss, and bonus quality.

All of the user set variables are at the top of the script under “raw materials and fuels” and “fees and modifiers”. I assigned the default values off the top of my head without much thought, so don’t take those as some kind of reference of actual material values.


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