June 26 2015

Shroud Of The Avatar How To Get The Kobold Commander Mask! and a lootcrate/geekfuel comparison slipped in

Once again we have a new release and once again that means we are scratching our heads.. because we don’t have hats on them to keep the lice out!!!

The Mad Hermit, day #1 busts out with a great how-to for this releases hat Quest. Something Ill probably be using when I go to do mine! Only probably as my guild often has my back and shows me around instead.. When I do need help though, The Mad Hermit is the official choice of Stile Teckel! Thank you my brother!

So sneaking in a blurb for those interested, those who aren’t skip it! I know a couple of people have liked these so ill keep doing them and while not related to Shroud of the Avatar, dammit.. were all geeks and a like doing OCCASIONAL small side pieces for fun!

So This months Geek Fuel and Loot Crate! First of all I don’t do unboxings, there’s enough people doing that.. im not here to tell you what’s in them. Google will do that in 10 seconds. Im just personally going to tell you which one I think was better THIS month and why! I’ll mention a few specific items accordingly.

Ok so.. This month I felt both where cool. Last month in general I was disappointed with Loot crate. If I was subscribed to only one of them, I wouldn’t have lost! Both good boxes.

Shirts in both crates where cool. The big think that I liked from Loot crate was the terminator head. I mean, no matter where you put that thing and who sees it, fan or not a fan, it’s going to be a conversation starter!

Which did I feel was better though? You know, for some reason I’ve always been rooting for Loot Crate (note sure why.. Name maybe?). This month though, like last month, Geek Fuel wins. While the Loot Crate Transformer shirt was cool, it doesn’t begin to compare to the Geek Fuel shirt! Hit that link there you just passed for a photo someone posted.

As a side note, I’m going to have to wear this shirt to a Recap Neon Milk Concert!!!

Neon Milk Shield

It was then blown out of the water with two books (Jurassic Parks) from Geek Fuel. I’m fortunate in that I haven’t read them and I am an avid reader . Ill do so once my daughter gives them back… Let’s face it though. Have you BOUGHT a book lately?? New? In tangible form? Holy shit!!! I remember.. right, well skip that, but you got the point. Including two geek books is a pretty solid and hard to match artifact.

Those are my thoughts (opinions will and SHOULD differ)! Lots of other cool things as well of course (The ooze is awesome!), but those where the decision makers.

Score to date:
Geek Fuel = 2
Loot Crate = 1

Join in on the fun! My mom and daughter are both getting Loot Crate currently.. its a blast!

Loot Crate – http://looted.by/cgHXf

Geek Fuel – https://www.geekfuel.com/MLsX5Y

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