April 4 2014

Bowen Bloodgood Art Thread/Unity Assets

Bowen is someone I have noticed since the early days as being very activity in the forum side of the community. While I do not always agree with him he has always seemed to be willing to help others and accept constructive criticism.

Something Bowen said to me that I feel says a lot about his character when I asked to do this:

well I personally think the other guys have much cooler stuff than mine

Of a very cool note all pieces that Bowen decided where submission worthy (which may not be all in this post!) have been accepted by Portalarium but thus far in actual game he has only seen two weapon racks used. I certainly hope that come 2015, I have at least one house decoration that was something he has done!

Please take a minute to stop by his thread and tell Bowen you appreciate his efforts to help make this a better game for everyone at his thread. You can also find more information there about any of these photos, such as if it was something he was seeking advice on, toying with, or was more serious about as well as feedback from others.

Bowen’s Art Thread | Page 6 | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

A couple of notes. The scaffolding was something he had finished prior to the Scene Jam contests which he was a participant in. However he still made it available for everyone to use (which would include his competition) rather then waiting until afterwards.

I am particularly fond of the glowing cave ceilings myself! Well and the mushrooms. I love mushrooms as player owned decor items for one’s basement!

These images can also be found in the Caverns Photo Gallery. I will add pieces that are added to the thread as long as I can catch them (Ive noticed the watch thread option in the forums only sometimes send me email updates..).

Bowen Bloodgood.

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