April 12 2014

Chaos and Order Art Thread/Unity Assets

Chaos and Order’s work is definitely some of my favorite though. Extremely detailed pieces covering a broad spectrum of items. There’s very few pieces he has done that I don’t hope to have stashed in my house some day!

Definitely my favorite pieces though are his Katana and the fishing equipment he has done! Followed by his books and Mushrooms! Nothing he has put out though is anything less then awesome.

Chaos and Order did have one requirement for me on doing this piece and it was that I only used his finished pieces.  I can certainly understand that! So I carefully went through the thread and grabbed just stuff that seemed like the final time he had posted it and/or indicated he was done with it. That is one thing I noticed as I went through his thread is that he is very good about indicating “This is the final version”.

Chaos and Order – if for any reason I accidentally used a piece you had not considered finished please let me know and Ill pull it!

Chaos and Order indicates he is a CG artist as just a hobby.

I definitely encourage everyone who likes any of these to visit his thread and let him know! I want him to keep putting stuff out as he is certainly enriching both the game world and our homes for everyone!

Chaos And Order's Art Thread | Page 7 | Shroud of the Avatar Forum.

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