February 23 2014

Assorted Sites


All site’s listed should in some way have a Shroud of the Avatar connection or might be useful to someone playing SotA

Art Sites

Denis LoubetWebs site for famed Ultima artist.
IndigowarriorDeviantart page
Mike NystulCastle Nystul - Blog site for Mike Nystul
Revolution DesignArtist that did my family crest. Fairly priced, does good work, has a degree. He has handled many of my artwork projects over the years. Does character portraits, logo's, design, you name it.
Stephen Daniele Stephen Daniele (Portalarium Dev/Artist) web site
Tortoise and Hare Custom artwork pricingDid Shroud of the Avatar Comic book


  Dungeon and Dreamers – A Book about the history of computer games. Special focus on the career of Richard Garriott.

Dev Website’s that do not fit in another category

Firelotus Designs – Firelotus is one of our community Managers. She also makes cool stuff and sells it!
– Facebook https://www.facebook.com/FireLotusDesigns

Britannia Manor Web Site (Lord British AKA Richard Garriott’s house and collections)

Games with a relationship

Shard RPG by Scott Jones
Shroud of the Avatar Minecraft Server

A’plaisance, Ltd – Real life jousting, which also takes place at Richard Garriott’s real life property.
Geocaching – The Lunar Rift. A Geocache set-up by William O Billman II, themed in the spirit of Shroud of the Avatar. Promise of more to come in the future!
Geocaching – The second in William O Billman II series – The Wisps of Braemar
LegoSota – Lego’s inspired by SotA – by Joseph Drasin.
Leonardo’s Children Museum – Richard Garriott and his family have ties, check it out! IT’s also a really cool project.
Origin Museum


http://ancientfm.com/Ancient FMCommercial Free music site playing anceint/ren Medieval style music.
http://fourlegsrecords.com/Four Legs Records - Steen GoldmanRecord Producer for Recap Band (and Band member! - Steven Goldman)
http://www.recapband.com/Recap BandRecap Band Home page--- Space Bards Web site - http://www.spacebards.com/--- Dan Span Personal Web Site - http://www.danspan.com/
--- Dom John Personal website - http://www.dominickjohn.com/
--- Dom John - Pininterest - http://www.pinterest.com/dominickjohn/
--- Dom John - Vimeo - http://vimeo.com/dominickjohn
--- Reverb Nation - http://vimeo.com/dominickjohn(These are a few of their websites. If you scour the net. These guys are ALMOST on more social sites then I am!)

Tools to help with SotA

SotAX – Shroud of the Avatar Exchange – valuating your in-game assets, tracking the economy, and also allow asset exchanges involving Shroud of the Avatar once that is approved by Portalarium.
Shroud of the Avatar Museum – A photo gallery site.

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