February 23 2014

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Links - Fan Sites

Blog of the Avatar - Blog Site
Carnival of the Forsaken Virtues - Ran by Dame Lori and focused on fun and games
Chronicles of the Vortex Lama - Good information site for the game presented in funny and humorous ways.
Claim Your Corner"On this site, I am going to be sharing the experiences of my friends and I as we claim our little corner of the world of New Britannia."
College of Arms - contains the Roll of Arms of the communities of Shroud of the Avatar.
Elysium Island CommunityRegion Specific Fan Site
Evil Grief
Hearth of Britannia - A site dedicated to baking goods from the Ultima and SotA world of Lord Garriott's BritanniaRan by Former SotA Dev, Rustic Dragon
Hen FilenSelf Proclaimed SotA Community
InsanemembraneFan of the game, but not the comapny
http://irrelevantcommentaries.blogspot.com/2012/06/welcome-to-show.htmlIrrelevant Commentaries Viewpoints from the socially awkward.Blog site - sometimes includes SotA content or other related material
Mad Hermit Gaming, the - Videos and more!
New Britannia Press
Quests of the AvatarQuests of the AvatarQuest Walkthru's / Cheats
Role-Players of The Avatar
Rustic Dragon has a personal site, not just the Hearth site.
http://sandilloxent.rocks/SanidilloxPlan events for Shroud of the Avatar
Shroud of the Avatar SchoolTeach Runic
Shroud of the Avatar Travel Guide - Just like real world Travel Guides
Quests of the AvatarSotA AstronomyAstronomy in Shroud of the Avatar
SotA Gamer
SotA Housinghousing information, decorations, and housing related tools
SotA NetShroud of the Avatar Network
SotADBDatabase of things for the game, such as recipies
Ultima/SotA Museum (Warning - Add heavy site!)



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Dark Realm Maps

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