February 23 2014




AbsolutionCooperative, Family, PvP
Bandits of the Shroud
Bards of Poets’ CircleMusic/Bards
Bear Tavern - A Shroud of the Avatar CommunityTavern / Community
Black Hearts
http://bmcguild.enjin.com/homeBritannian Mining Company (BMC)
Casual Gaming Guild
Celtic Order of Druids / Bards / Tamers / KnightsBards, Tamers, Knights
Clan of the WolfCasual, PVE, occasional insanity
Clan Woad
http://thedadsarmy.com/DaDs Army
Disciples of Damnation
Duchy of Dara BraeRP, PVE, Casual, and Crafting
Elder MootCasual
http://evlguild.com/EVL Guild (Every Virtue is Lasting)
Fellowship of the Caverns, Dungeons, and Beyond
https://furiaguild.com/Furia Gaming
GrimmrfellRole play guild/Community
Hammerfist Clan
Hand's of Mist
Hanseatic League of New BritanniaHanseatic League of New BritanniaPvE
House of Balance
Impact Gaming Community
It's a GuildFocus on Crafting and Merchant. Link is currently forum only - web page to be added later.
KGB - Knights of Glory and Beer
Kismet, Ring of Destiny [ROD](All Aspects, 18+, no RP required) - Honor - Loyalty - Respect
Knights of New Britannia
Knights of NoviaMature, Social, Australian
Knights of Vengeance
Lords of Death
Lords of Light, the
http://sotamementomori.com/Memento Mori
Merchant Guild
Misfortune Tellers
Moongate TravelersAll

Moongate Travelers 470
New Britannia Beer Association (German Guild)
Old Timers GuildLaid back, Not Too Serious, No Drama, All About The Fun!
Omni Society
http://ode-guild.com/?page_id=102Order of Drunken Elders
Order of the Black Shroud
Order of the Crimson CrossMultiple games Guild
Order of the Dragon's Flame
Order of VengeanceAnti-PK, RP and Crafting
Paxlair Statehood and Alliance
Righteous Society For Industrial Enlightenment
SacraficeCasual, Adult
http://sandilloxent.rocks/Sandillox Ent Guild (SEG)
Sanguine Wild
SerenityJust friends (new and old) hanging together and sharing
Shady Vale Syndicate
Silver Sun Republic (SSR)
Silvergate CompanyDedicated to helping players and the community
Sinister Tyrants
Syndicate, The
Tower of Arcane Knowledge and Alchemy, theMagic and Arcane
Underground Knights, the
United StrongholdSocial
Vendors TemplarNon-PvP, equality, player town
Wolf Pack
Please note: To be considered for this list your guild must have a website or forum link that is working.
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