May 17 2015

Spirit Indestructible: The Story of Moregos

All of us are aware that the Ultima Dragons have been an internet community since 1994 because some man, the son of an astronaut, who himself became an astronaut, dared to put something in an otherwise brainless genre of computer role-playing games: virtue and ethics. Many of us could recite Richard Garriott’s life story in our sleep.

To say that we chose to make the eight virtues and the three principles of truth, love and courage part of our lives, even in a small way, even if we weren’t conscious in doing it, has become as automatic as breathing. This is why our community is now going into it’s third decade. And because we do this, we have become sensitive in finding those qualities in other people, even if they have never heard, much less played, in the world of Britannia.

As gamers, you are no doubt familiar with a service known as Twitch.TV, one of our members, MarkeeDragon, broadcasts prominently on it. Unfortunately, some of these people are an amalgamation of superficial, ego-centric actors and actresses who only recognize the word ‘virtue’ if it’s attached to a PayPal donation. Finding those who you immediately recognize are genuine and true in the midst of all the muck and mire is insanely rare, and when they can be found, they brighten your day like a ray of moonlight on an 8-rock shrine.

Five months ago, I was fortunate to find one such person, and at the time I met this woman, I knew her as her broadcast name, Moregos. I have since had the unbelievable honor of getting to know her personally, and I can unabashedly say that I personally have not found someone who embodies Truth, Love and Courage better than she does. A mother of three, a loving sister, and a homemaker who prides herself on an extraordinary attention to detail few exhibit in today’s era of irresponsibility and fickleness, her independent fighting spirit exemplifies courage in the face of medical challenges of her own. She refuses to talk ill of people who have their hearts set on tearing her down, although she has every right to do so, just because she stays true to her own path. She thrives on her own prowess in the kitchen, even though she can not eat much of what she produces. Her truth lies in how she presents herself, and she will always speak as kindly as she can of others while still being real.

On a very personal note, just her presence alone, even from so far away, has been a blessing for me in ways she may never know. The comfort she has brought me on the nights where my legs and my back were aching, the inspiration she was able to infuse in me when I had settled for less for myself, and the hope she gave me was the instigation for the current project. One of the sweetest days in recent memory was when she made me a moderator on her channel, that she had that much faith in me and trusted me with that responsibility The best wings of an angel are those that fold around you without even trying. To have her as part of the seven was, in short, MANDITORY.

Posted by Sir Stile Teckel - Email Author
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