July 10 2015

Sneak peek on one of my projects

Now don’t get to excited about this. I started it months ago, and Im not sure how soon ill have it wrapped up. May be a while yet may not.

LOT to add to it yet. Many websites, etc.. and people also.

One thing to note is everything on it is a link. Either opening an email or taking you to a web page.

I am hoping long term, maybe, ill set it up so that its a front page when you go to the caverns.net. Would be easy to do as the site forwards currently. Many people have criticized me for having the site set up this way but honestly I did it that way, so that if I ever wanted and needed to do something like this I could.

I have a feeling though it’s going to be too large to do that with it. So well see. Right now my primary goal is a flowchart with links.

I personally can’t even remember or keep track of all the projects I am involved in or have been involved in in terms of websites and social sites. I need to make something for myself badly and thought doing it this way would make it awesome.

Feedback and constructive criticism is appreciated! Better to have some thoughts before I work on the thing then after!

Flow Chart

Posted by Sir Stile Teckel - Email Author
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