June 25 2016

Subscription Box Review – the BAM! Box, 1980’s Theme! – Warning, Spoilers – Dedication to Joseph Toschlog

I dedicate this review to Joseph Toschlog AKA Rustic Dragon of the Hearth of Britannia! Joseph Toschlog was the winner of the Goonies 30th Anniversary Truffle Shuffle contest. Additional comments on this dedication will be mentioned elsewhere in this piece.

First, let me just say there is something cool when you are about to open a box that says “BAM!” on it. Great name choice!

What I liked most about BAM box is it felt like I came out of a collectibles store having just picked up a bunch of good buys. You know that toy store down the road or the collectible store stuck in the corner of the strip mall. The place each geek always loves to find in hopes of coming out with new treasures. It was exactly like one of those shopping trips.

From the BAM Box website:

A monthly mystery subscription box full of hard to find collectibles, limited edition items, exclusives, and autographs!

Also; guaranteed autograph!

-At least one autographed item in EVERY box! [pullquote]At least one autographed item in EVERY box![/pullquote]
-1 out of 10 boxes include an EXTRA autograph!
-Random boxes get 1-Up cards with upgraded items!

I am not an autograph chaser. If I am at a convention, and there is a long line of people, I will not wait. I will ask for one if it’s because it is easy to do so, usually when I know the individual or am visiting them for some private event. Any Artemis should have some autographed pieces in their collection, though. They look cool and can be great conversation starters among other things. So I like this concept, and it is the first time I have encountered it in a subscription box. Very cool!

Bam Box 2

Let’s get onto the specific box review. Being the geek I am, the theme of 1980’s was one I could get excited about!

The first Item seen when you opened the box was this awesome Goonies Truffle Shuffle pin!

Now I did previously mention I am dedicating this post to the 30th Anniversary Truffle Shuffle contest, Joseph Toshclog.

As it happens, he is also a friend and I will be sending him the pin. If he does not wish to keep it himself, I am sure it would be something someone would appreciate the all more getting from him being he has a significant attachment to the Truffle Shuffle.

If you haven’t seen the Goonies, you really should. You can also click this link if you just want to watch it again!

My personal favorite item from the box is the OUTATIME License place. If you are not up to date on your geek info, this is from the movie Back to the Future and is the plate on the DeLorean.

I would love to put it on my car but when I opened this box my wife was nearby, saw it, and yelled: “I USED TO HAVE THAT PLATE!”. So she does again, at an age when she now has a car to put it on. My wife isn’t into much geek stuff, so I enjoy it when she likes something!

Bam Box 8

Which brings us to this next piece I pulled out of the box. A Ralph Macchio signed Karate Kid movie! As my wife then said, “I think I also had that photo when I was younger!”. No, I didn’t then hand it over to her as we have a mutual collection of pieces like this in the home.

Bam Box 9

As if one autographed item was not already neat enough they also included a Rocky Davies signed print. Now whether you are a fan of the new Ghost Busters movie or not, I love the fact that it brings a focus back to one of the geek classics!

Holy Geek out Ghost Busters! This was cool and something I don’t think my nerd cave has in it, in general. An original pencil sketch, then throw on a topping of one from The Real Ghostbusters. BAM!

Bam Box 16

Retro visor sunglasses, BAM! Another very cool item that while I would not wear all the time, I will toss them on when going out into the evil sun on occasion.

In summary, I was impressed. It’s a fun box with a lot of items that can be put to a lot of fun uses, brought back a lot of nostalgia, and is stuff while I enjoy I typically would not go out shopping for, for myself. All the things a good subscription box should be.

If you agree, go give The Bam! Bo2x a try! http://goo.gl/92d6Vw” rel=”nofollow

I sometimes receive product(s) for free, in exchange for my honest review and opinions. These may be different from your own. I carry a high set of personal ethics, and I provide only my honest opinions. You will not see highly negative reviews from me as I will return a product before I give it a bad review. I only review that which has more positive than negative in my opinion. My reviews are not just reviews but products I am recommending to you after I have fully evaluated them.

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