July 9 2016

Subscription Box Review – Japan Fun Box – YUM!

To the best of my knowledge, the Japan Fun Box is the first subscription box I have ever received that was shipped to me via international shipping. That is one of the things I was most intrigued about regarding this box, was getting quality items shipped directly from the source as opposed to re-distribution through an American service.


From the Japan Fun Box website:

The Japanese candy that you’ve seen on the web can arrive straight to your doorsteps. You’ve gotta try them for yourself to see how fun, crazy, and delicious they are! Won’t you try some right now?

In addition to getting a selection of yum yum’s delivered to your door each month straight from Japan, you have the option to choose how much you want! They offer a Mini box which is what this particular review is covering for $14.99 a month. Additionally, you can choose the larger size original or the really big *licks lips* family size!


The packaging was very nice, and I was happy to have the contents card that explained what each item was in English. I would have been unable to identify any of these articles other than taste and some of them have an aspect to them that I would have been missing out something on. This helped make the box better.

I enjoyed this box, and it is one I can recommend. Fair pricing for the amount of fun and quality product you are getting.

I have had the Tomato Pretzels before, although I cannot tell you what subscription service I got them from. They were a happy surprise to see again as I enjoyed them the previous time.

The whistle grape candy surprised me as I had not expected them to be hollow and as they collapse when you are sucking on them they have a nice flavor burst with an interesting texture. The grape flavor is unique and reminds me of grape Bubble Yum, fantastic! Toss in the free toy that I can add to my game room as a conversatoin piece? Sweet!

Coolest award in this box would have to go to the Shuwabo! It is amazing to me how the orange and lemon flavors somehow taste like cola. Add on top of that Cola candy has become one of my absolute favorites and this was just an excellent treat.

I hope you put this box on your consideration list and let them know The Caverns sent you!

Japan Fun Box:

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