August 31 2016

Support the Hearth of Britannia on Patreon!

Rustic Dragon has decided to start a Patreon for The Hearth of Britannia with the goal of creating an “Ultima companion cookbook, LARP system, events, and more!”.

For you Shroud of the Avatar players not familiar with Rustic Dragon and The Hearth of Britannia… Shame on you! Rustic Dragon AKA Joseph Toschlog is one of the founding leaders in the Shroud of the Avatar player community, who through his contributions, passion, and skills earned himself a position on the Portalarium developer team for a while.

The feature image on this post is the “Hearth of Britannia” as seen from the Shroud of the Avatar game (an out of date shot by the way).

Responsible for many many other things, one of my other favorites (maybe because I have one) in relationship to Shroud of the Avatar, is the “Cabinet of Virtues”!

Won the grand prize drawing for Rild Reading Rainbow contest -  A Hearth of Britannia Cabinet of Virtue

Currently considered by most as the rarest item in the game, Rustic Dragon held a telethon for Shroud of the Avatar to generate revenue. One of the things that came about due to this was this in game replica of his real life cabinet. It was earned by donating $25.00 to the telethon.

He is also an Ultima Dragon, past Ultima Collector and his roots and knowledge extend far and wide in the gaming world. An individual after my own heart!

So please take a moment, whether you are a fan of Ultima, Shroud of the Avatar, cooking, video games, or just helping support cool projects by good people, and see if this is something you may want to support.

Tell him Stile Teckel sent you!

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