July 24 2015

Support Mike Nystul creating games!

If you are looking for a good Patreon to support in which you get something back and input on what is made, then this is one to pay attention to. Not only that but the name may be familiar to many of you as Mike Nystul worked at Origin, as well as, ya know, being in a couple of Ultima games!

Following his Patreon i’ve been pretty impressed with the variety of things hes working on as well as putting them out at a decent rate. More importantly is these are steps he is taking towards a new career and as such he is taking input seriously as to what to create.

This is an opportunity that if your needing some gaming aids or even a complete game to jump in and support him and at the same time get some things you would like to have made! Game creation by request is a great concept so check it out!

What I will be creating – Original Role Playing Games. Support for existing games (or generic material). Original board and card games. Fun stuff gamers can use to have fun playing games.

Head over and check it all out and think about supporting him!


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