July 25 2017

Ultima Auction Spotlight – UV and UIII

Ok, these came across my screen and I felt they were spotlight worthy!

You have what appears to be a complete Ultima V, up for auction with very reasonable shipping and currently a high bid of $24.00. May go for a decent price, may not, but worth checking out if you want one.

Ultima V: Warriors of Destiny – COMPLETE – Commodore 64/128 W/COIN, MAP, etc

Related and noteworthy is an Ultima V map with decent shipping and currently no bids, starting at $10.00. This could be a great find!
Ultima V Original Cloth Map | eBay

Very incomplete, but has a few items in it and for the potential price is a great parts buy!

Ultima III Exodus Commodore 64 used video game tested working but incomplete | eBay

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March 18 2017

Ultima Auction Spotlight – U9 Map and Cards, U1, and a U3

This Ultima IX is far from being complete, given its only a map, the cards, and the books. On the flips side, $17.00 with free shipping for a map and cards is a great buy!

Ultima IX Ascension Cloth Map, 2 Books, Cards | eBay

Hi bid on an Ultima III is currently only at $12.50. Makes me wish I had a little spare cash right now!


Even an Ultima I without coins is better then no Ultima I. An Ultima I without coins that has two days left and high bid is at $13.00? Sounds like one to pay attention to.

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December 13 2016

Ultima Auction Spotlight – MAPS! U5 and U3

I love the Ultima maps. I’d love to have two of every one of them! If you are like me you are going to like these two auctions.

Ultima V map currently has a bid of $11.00 with low shipping and the U3 is at $10.00 with low shipping. From the same seller!

Go for the win on these!

WAIT! BONUS!! The U5 ALSO comes with the coin.. woa…

Ultima V – Cloth Map and Coin only

Ultima III (3) – Cloth Map only

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November 9 2016

Ultima Auction Spotlight – Woa! – U3, U4, Mobius, UO,

An Ultima III with no box. Putting that aside it has the maps and other pieces at a low enough price; it could be a decent score. The only concern I have is the bidding is at $19.99 currently with economy shipping. I wouldn’t go much higher than that to make this a score.



This is a sweet looking auction. It has a UIII, a UIV, and Moebius all in one lot. Low starting bid of $25.00 and reasonable shipping. Wishing I could bid on this one! The description indicates all complete, but I do not see a map in the U3. On the other hand, the contents were not taken out of the box to photograph, so ask, and if it’s missing the map, see that auction up above? There… You… Go!



I know absolutely nothing about this UO mouse mat for $24.99, including wether that is a good price or not. I will be keeping an eye on that in the future as I would not mind one of these for my Loot Cave. Fairly simple but also cool.

Ultima Online 10th Anniversay Mouse Pad


Another item I am not familiar with is this Japenese UO fan book. Does look interesting though!

Ultima Online Oukoku de Ikinuku Hiketsu fan book / Online


In normal circumstances I might have thrown a dollar on this and crossed my fingers. For you console fans, here is an Ultima III for the NES starting bid at .99 with resonable shipping.

Boxed Ultima Exodus for nintendo nes. No manual