July 5 2017

Jeff Dee Now On Patreon

If you’re a gamer, the name will most likely be familiar to you.

If not the first paragraph of his Patreon overview should get your attention!

Hi! I’ve been a professional fantasy, SF, and superhero artist for over 40 years, starting as a freelancer for TSR Hobbies (the original publishers of the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game) way back in 1977. I’ve also worked in comics and computer games, and I’ve even done a little concept art for the motion picture industry.

If you have an interest in his art and the industry, you might want to hop over and check that out. I chipped in, didn’t want to miss out!

Jeff Dee is creating Fantasy, Science Fiction and Superhero Illustration | Patreon

Interesting side story. Well, most likely not really but I am going to share it anyway. I was vending at Inconjunction this last weekend and needed to Facebook add a friend whose first name is Jeff and the last name is definitely not Dee. Yet for some reason every time I kept trying to remember his last name, I kept thinking “Dee” and going, No.. Stop that.. Why do I keep thinking Jeff Dee? I can only attribute it to being at a gaming convention 🙂

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February 20 2017

Artist Juan Martinez at Capricon 2017

The beautiful Dragon you are bearing witness to was made by artist Juan C Martinez, whom I had the opportunity to meet at Capricon!

What is really amazing about this little beauty is that it is made entirely from pennies! That is what Juan does, is using tools and coins makes amazing sculptures out of them.

I obtained two pieces from him, the dragon you saw above and for my wife’s birthday today, I gave her a blue rose.

If you like his work, which is reasonably priced be sure to stop over at his Facebook page “CHAOSART666K”. You can contact him to order pieces. If you do though, be sure to tell him Caveloot.com sent you, as he shows us a little love back for the referral. Regardless of that though we want him to know we are sending him love where we can!

(5) Chaosart666k

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January 19 2017

Shopping with Stinky Goblins – Spotlighting Artistis Making Cool Geek Things

When I was recently setup and selling for my business Caveloot.com, at Midwinter Gaming Convention, I got to meet Heather and Joe of “Stinky Goblin Emporium.” Fantastic people and I spent a lot of time speaking with Joe specifically. Enjoyed my conversations with him and he seemed like a wonderful individual.

They had a wide array of products they were selling, but what had caught my eye the most were 3D sculpted and painted dungeon tiles/scenery. Top quality and each piece were a piece of art as well as a function for your game. Unfortunately, I didn’t snap any photos!

Sculpting isn’t there only medium, though, also working with leather, wood, painting, and a multitude of other areas these two are extraordinarily crafty!

Ok, those bookmarks look epic!

So whether you just wouldn’t mind another cool artisan to follow, or if you want to order some cool custom sculpting, leather work, or another cool item, be sure to check them out on Etsy and favorite their page!


If you order from them, please be sure to let them know caveloot.com sent you! They should remember me; they got a decent amount of paper from my cash box out of me while I was there… I, unfortunately, cannot show you the purchase as it is a birthday present for my wife! Don’t want her to see it early!

Wait, I got it!! Hun, if you read this post, don’t click on these spoiler photos! I want people to see what Joe can do on the sculpting front! Everyone else, please hit this spoiler box. It is fantastic!

Full text inside SelectShow

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January 17 2017

Shopping with Lisa Sell – Masks Gaming Geeks Should Love!

As most of my readers are up to speed on now, I am currently undergoing a major life transition from that of being the lifetime corporate employee to becoming an Entrepreneur. While this has been a multiple year ongoing transition, things come to an accumulation this year!

It’s going to take a little while for me to say I am self-employed, but I have moved into the unemployed stage, and am putting a lot of time into my company in the hopes that in the future it may support me.

I mention this, as while I have many businesses, one of the larger ones I am focusing on at this time is that of selling products from my company, caveloot.com at conventions. Gaming, Anime, Comic-con, Renaissance, and more.

While at Midwinter Gaming Convention some vendors and products stood out more than others to me. As an Uber Geek who runs a blog, I felt it was and shall continue to be my duty, as much as I can work it into my schedule and still work on the company, to report some of these to you!

So now with the introduction of what this new series is out of the way, let me spotlight the first one with you; Lisa Sell!

Lisa Sell was one of the artists at the convention and considers herself both a 2D and 3D artist. She was selling masks that she makes herself. With these being hand made and painted each mask is somewhat unique! They come in a variety of styles and is literally a functional piece of art.

I obtained this one to use as part of my “wardrobe” for my vendor business and look forward to trying it out at my next convention!

Here is a shot of another one I really liked.

If you think these are as cool as I do you can check them out over here on her Etsy store:

She is also on Facebook!

If you do happen to place an order, tell her Caveloot.com sent you please! You know.. Helps me out with that whole networking thing!

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