February 10 2017

Ultima Auction Spotlight – U9 Map and Tarot Cards

Well, this auction also has the manuals, but who cares about those right? Whoa!!! Calm down, collectors! I do of course, but only regarding being an Origins, Lord British, and Ultima collector. What I mean is while this auction may be a score for some more advanced collectors, more likely this will interest someone with more specific aims.

That being those that like either the Cloth Maps or maybe even just Tarot Cards. I know a few people who the Ultima games are meaningless too, but if you give them a deck of the U9 Tarot cards, will get excited. In fact, I did just that for my wife once!

Then you also have the Map collector, which can range from the Ultima map collector to that person that just likes maps, period.

Whatever category you fall into, I bet you could get this for $15.00 using the make an offer option!

Ultima IX Ascension Cloth Map, 2 Books, Cards

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January 18 2017

Kickstarter Spotlight – Albino Dragon Playing Cards!

When you talk about Kick Starters here is one that you do not want to miss, even if it’s to just look at.

If you are not familiar with the name of the Albino Dragon Playing Cards, I would be surprised if you have not seen a deck sometime. I believe I have three different ones in my home and I only bought one of them from them direct.

This one offers you a chance to potentially get all the Card Decks they make along with some extras. Woah!!!!

If you sign up for this one and heard it from me, please put in the notes section that caveloot.com sent you! Seriously, I plan on carrying their product someday if I can!

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August 18 2016

Lots of Newer Tools for Shroud of the Avatar Players – Part 3

Ok, let’s keep this moving and hopefully I can get the rest of these out to you so as to avoid a part 4!

This is rather hot off the presses! If you do not understand the Deck System in Shroud of the Avatar, TheBalance has posted a guide in the Shroud of the Avatar forums.

The goal of this post is to leave you with a solid understanding of the mechanics behind the deck system. It is not to provide you with the best build, mandatory glyphs, etc. It’s an example. An example that is functional, powerful, and easily adapted to any role you can hope to fill in this game. You can modify any aspect of what I’m about to walk you through, and you should modify it.

The Balance - Screenshot  - Understanding SotA deck

Head over to the forums for the whole thing and if you find it of use, tell them Stile sent you!


I have a Dagger of +7 to Orc Slaying!!!!

Is that sort of thing you want to be able to say. Crafters make that happen by using different materials that can be found from the world, in their wares. So what types of materials will do what sort of thing? Weins201 has the answer to many of those type of questions for you done up in a nice chart form!

Crafting Material Properties (inc Obsidian) Updated as of R30 (release 416)

Armor Material Properties_zps1o9phlid


Part 4 to come everyone, out of time for today!