July 17 2017

Addicted to Ananias by Slashware Interactive

A game I have downloaded on my iPhone for a while now is “Ananias” by Slashware interactive. I really feel I made a mistake in starting to play it, as I have become horribly addicted to it and it has kept me awake longer than I should have been on many occasions now!

Created by Slashware Interactive and stated to be an “A modern classic turn-based roguelike dungeon exploration game.”. Which I indeed find it to be all those things!!

Ananias Roguelike

After playing (and dying) about 30 times now, I have developed more and more play strategy. I find that each class I have given a chance if I am patient while I go through a few quick deaths while I learn that class, that each offers something unique with a different feel to the game.

The wave Save games are handled you could hop on and just play for five minutes, or have hour long marathon sessions. With its random loot tables, monsters, and more I continue to see new things. While I hope to continue to see continual updates and new content for what is becoming one of my favorite classic style games and is now on my A list, it is already solid as it is and I highly recommend it.

You can get it on both the Ios or Android platform. Be sure to add account “Stile” to your friend’s list if you play!

You can find the Slashware Interactive website here.
Slashware Interactive

Available for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS

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December 18 2016

Kickstarter Spotlight – Unknown Realm

Are you a fan of the 8bit RPG classics, such as Ultima? Then this is definitely going to appeal to you! Available for PC or Commodore, it captures that modern-classic feel with 8-bit graphics yet retains some of the modern brains behind the game we have come to expect today. A lot of people I know signing up for this one, even developers!

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