March 8 2017

Shroud of The Avatar & Cuthulu Auction Spotlight

The first auction I noticed today was for a Shroud of the Avatar challenge coin. This coin was originally made by Frank Baxley and was given to Portalarium along with the designs and all that sort of stuff.

Since then they have remade multiple versions of it using different metal mixes and finishes. To the best of my knowledge, the artwork has never been changed, although it will for the reward coin version from pledge rewards.

Given out by dev’s just about anywhere you can encounter them, and if they decided to have some with them (not just Richard himself).

Someone has this one up on Ebay. I wouldn’t say the price is bad, but I think in time you may do better. On the other hand, if you’re trying to get all the metal versions of this, you might want to jump on it. Some are more limited than others.

Lord British Shroud of the Avatar Coin RARE

This auction caught my eye, as I want it for my collection and use! I have most of the D20 Cthulhu stuff as well as a lot of off-shoot stuff (none of which I have used yet *smirks*). One of the few items I have never picked up is the Game Master’s Pack. For a while, it was impossible to get for anything less than $150.00.

I have seen it purchasable for a $100.00 or so a few times now, but this is the first time I saw it listed this low! Fortunately for you, if it is of interest to you, if it doesn’t pay my bills or put food on my table I don’t buy it right now. So I am passing a good score onto you instead!

Call of Cthulhu D20 Gamemaster’s Pack RPG

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February 20 2017

Artist Juan Martinez at Capricon 2017

The beautiful Dragon you are bearing witness to was made by artist Juan C Martinez, whom I had the opportunity to meet at Capricon!

What is really amazing about this little beauty is that it is made entirely from pennies! That is what Juan does, is using tools and coins makes amazing sculptures out of them.

I obtained two pieces from him, the dragon you saw above and for my wife’s birthday today, I gave her a blue rose.

If you like his work, which is reasonably priced be sure to stop over at his Facebook page “CHAOSART666K”. You can contact him to order pieces. If you do though, be sure to tell him sent you, as he shows us a little love back for the referral. Regardless of that though we want him to know we are sending him love where we can!

(5) Chaosart666k

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June 21 2016

Shroud of the Avatar Auction Spotlight

Shroud of the Avatar Coin Darkstar Autographed from E3 2016

Still a month until final wipe takes place, merchandise for backers has not shipped yet, but on the rare occasion, you can still come across some swag with a SotA relationship. Or in my case, I have walls of it *scratches head*.

Regardless, this one will appeal to some of you! One of the Shroud of the Avatar coins that Starr Long signed and handed out at E3 if the auction is factual. I am not too sure about the price on this although it depends on what type of value you place on the signature aspect of it. You can outright buy this now for $30.00 with reasonable shipping.

Have one of these you say? Check again! I personally own three different versions of this coin. Check the thicknes, the weight, and the diameter if you have more then one and, you may find differences. Each difference represents a different production run, possibly a supplier change, and even the ratio and types of metal it is being made out of.

Shroud of the Avatar Coin Darkstar Autographed from E3 2016