December 10 2016

Kickstarter Spotlight – Papers and Paychecks

Role Play Game systems fall into some primary categories for me when I am picking one. As you dig in deeper, it’s like a skill tree that I follow.

That first option though is always, do I like this system and concept best for:
-A long campaign
-A short Campaign
-Random play (play a game, drop it somewhere and whenever it makes sense pick up where left off).

-Good for newbies, if we have them?

I can’t answer all these questions about this one yet. It looks like a lot of fun, but based on the concept I CAN remove “long campaign.” This looks like a blast, but don’t think id want to do 6+ months of it!

I also remember this!!

Three decades ago Will McLean brought us many laughs with the “Papers & Paychecks” illustration in the ‘Dungeon Masters Guide’ for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. A cursory search will reveal that on more than one occasion the thought has entered the heads of others that “Papers and Paychecks” would make a great roleplaying game.

It’s almost funded when I write this but could use a tad bit more. So please be sure to check it out if it’s something you may be interested in!

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June 12 2016

Game Recommendation from Stile Teckel’s Game Room – Dragonlance Saga 5th Age

I haven’t done one of these for a while, and while it’s not something I want to take time for right now, I feel the need. It’s one of my more favorite articles. I mean – sharing games with gamers, how can I not love that?

This one also has some cross-over with some of my other hobbies and other crowds. Shroud of the Avatar, reading, and even movies!

This particular recommendation is for Dragonlance Saga. Of course, the big cross-over is that this RPG pen and paper style game is set in the Dragonlance Universe. Tracy Hickmany, Shroud of the Avatar developer and author, was one of the creators of this fantasy universe.

Dragonlance Saga 3

This system is an RPG system made by TSR in which they did away with the traditional dice, and instead you have a hand of cards. It does not use a traditional card deck but instead they created their own. You will find some commonalities regarding having suits and other things. Additionally, they created a unique spin on your hit points also relating directly to your health size.

Not the only universe TSR did this system with they also created Marvel Saga, which was set in the Marvel Game world that they created as a dice-based RPG. The card system served as a reboot for that as well.

I think it did not get nearly enough respect when it was out. I’ve played both Marvel and Dragonlance Saga extensively and while I agree they can have some serious balance issues, if you have a good GM, put those aside, this game offers fun and unique away to approach your success and failures regarding mechanics.

I do in fact have this game in my game room and it is one I collected. I have everything ever produced directly for it as well as a lot of other material that only has small or minor references to it.

They did do a “deck” expansion for it so you could buy extra card packs. Those came with a random adventure module. There was a total of four made, so you get one in four per deck. I have one of the decks so have one module. Whether I will acquire the last three remains highly in doubt! If I ever do, I can call the collection truly complete.

Alas, while I have played it extensively I have yet ever to run it or put my collection to use. It will happen one day!

The photos below arm Amazon links and the text are be eBay. It does not tend to sell for a lot in terms of used value, it can just be hard to search out all the accessories.

You have a core set and a LOT of expansions. Something TSR was great for!

Dragonlance Fifth Age Dramatic Adventure Game 1996 OOP TSR Saga RPG COMPLETE

Heroes of Hope – Dragonlance 5th Age Game – Saga Rules System – NEW!

Heroes of Steel – Dragonlance 5th Age Game – Saga Rules System – NEW!

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